Video Production

Video Production

The Video Production program gives students the chance to bring their ideas to life and tell exciting stories through the lens of a camera. This program provides experience with the fundamental and advanced aspects of video pro­duction, using Avid-based, industry-standard equipment in the program’s television and video production studio. Spending time in front of and behind the camera in a full-scale studio, students will gain exposure to a wide variety of program formats, including multiple camera interviews, commercials, music videos, short films, and more.

Video Production Audio and Video Technology and Film I

Video Broadcast Production II

Video Broadcast Production III

Advanced Composition *

* Course counts as a senior language arts credit for graduation and toward entrance require­ments for a Board of Regents college.

See your school counselor for more information.

  • Video Systems Technicians
  • Video Graphics, Special Effects, and Animation
  • Audio-Video Designers and Engineers
  • Technical Computer Support Technicians Film, Video, and DVD
  • Audio-Video System Service Technicians
  • Audio Systems Technicians
  • Audio/Video Operations
  • Control Room Technician
  • Station Mangers and Radio & TV Announcers
  • Publishers, Editors, and Journalists and Reporters, Print, Broadcast, Other Broadcast Technicians


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