Sept 6 2011 Lanier HS $40K Motorola Solutions Foundation

Lanier High School Awarded $40K Motorola Solutions
Foundation Grant!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 6, 2011
News Media Contact: Communication and Media Relations, 678-301-6020

Lanier HS awarded $40K Motorola Solutions
Foundation Grant

Lanier High students soon will have additional resources to support additional
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning opportunities
thanks to a $40,000 grant received from The Motorola Solutions Foundation, the
charitable arm of Motorola Solutions, Inc. The grant was awarded to the Lanier
Cluster Education Foundation and the Gwinnett County Public Schools
Foundation Fund, Inc.

The Motorola Solutions Foundation Innovation Generation program supports
schools nationwide with funding for hands-on, innovative afterschool programs,
science and mathematics clubs, teacher training, and mentoring programs. In
Gwinnett, Motorola Solutions Foundation’s generous donation will allow Lanier
High to build on current programs, primarily its Center for Design and Technology

In Lanier High’s Center for Design and Technology, students are learning 21st
Century skills by integrating their reading, writing, and mathematics skills in a
technology format learning to use software for video journalism, 3DSMax - digital
movie making, digital photography, web development, programming, and music
technology. CDAT has formed an advisory board with area industry representatives
and college representatives. This initiative will allow Lanier High students to enter
their junior and senior years with opportunities for matriculation, internships, and
entrepreneurial activities.

Lanier High Principal Kerensa Wing explains that the Motorola Solutions
Foundation grant will support CDAT through teacher training and collaboration to
integrate Gwinnett County Public School’s curriculum with a project-based
approach. She says, “The Project-Based Learning (PBL) format motivates students
since they actually get to apply the academic knowledge and skills they are acquiring
in class to a project with real-world meaning.”

Lanier High instructor Mike Reilly adds, “A key component to PBL is relevance.
We are lucky to have the creative worlds of engineering, science, and entertainment
in Georgia. The Lanier High CDAT program connects students to these areas, while
emphasizing our core subject areas.”

Gwinnett students from two other high schools also will benefit from the grant as
their teachers will participate in the staff development sessions. Lanier High plans to
invite Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology teachers as well as
instructors from North Gwinnett High to learn more about the PBL approach and its
effect on high student achievement. In addition, the grant will help fund the purchase
of new technology tools to enhance student communication and to develop student
digital creativity.

The recently formed Lanier Cluster Education Foundation has scheduled an
official foundation launch event for this fall in October. At that time, the school plans
to celebrate the grant and the opportunities it will provide to Lanier High teachers
and students.

Innovation Generation is a part of Motorola Solutions Foundations’ larger
commitment to engaging youth in STEM education. Beyond funding, Lanier High
and Gwinnett County Public Schools will receive ongoing support from Motorola
Solutions employee volunteers, who will act as mentors, tutors, and experts in STEM
careers, which utilizes the expertise of Motorola Solutions’ workforce to inspire the
next generation of inventors. Lanier High’s CDAT also now is part of the Innovation
Generation network, where it can create vital connections with hundreds of other
organizations with the common vision to make a greater impact on STEM education.

Founded in 2007, the Innovation Generation Grants have awarded more than
$25.5 million to STEM programs nationwide. This year, the program will provide
$5.5 million to K-12 programs across the U.S., including the $40,000 awarded to
Lanier High.

News media representatives interested in learning more about how the grant will
benefit students are invited to visit Lanier High’s Center for Design and Technology.
Requests to visit the school should be coordinated by contacting the school district’s
Department of Communication and Media Relations at 678-301-6020.


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