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Gwinnett middle schools help prepare students for high school, easing the transition from elementary to high school. The middle school technical education programs are part of that transition, helping students learn about and set career readiness goals. These are technical education courses for today’s learner. Each course includes essential and relevant performance standards for math, science, language arts, and social studies. Middle school CTAE courses also reinforce Reading Across the Content, Technical Writing standards, Entrepreneurship standards, and CTAE Foundation Skills. The middle school curriculum includes national standards, CTAE standards and Georgia Performance Standards, in addition to career development activities that allow students to make the connection between class work and workforce.

Middle School Career Pathway Development

The career and technical performance standards for middle school focus on four areas: Business and Computer Science, Career Development, Engineering and Technology, and Family and Consumer Science. Each middle school program area’s courses provide students with the necessary tools to be successful at the next level of their educational career. The following is a list of the Technical Education class offerings for the middle school program areas:

Middle School Business and Computer Science

Business and Computer Science
Grades 6, 7, and 8
Middle School Career Development

Career Awareness - Grade 6
Career Discovery - Grade 7
Career Management - Grade 8

Middle School Engineering and Technology

Exploring Engineering & Technology - Grade 6
Invention and Innovation - Grade 7
Technological Systems - Grade 8
Middle School Family and Consumer Science

Family and Consumer Science
Grades 6, 7, and 8

Contact your middle school below for information on technical education classes offered.

Bay Creek Middle School

Berkmar Middle School

Couch Middle School

Creekland Middle School

Crews Middle School

Dacula Middle School

Duluth Middle School

Five Forks Middle School

Grace Snell Middle School

Hull Middle School

Jones Middle School

Lanier Middle School

Lilburn Middle School

McConnell Middle School

Moore Middle School

North Gwinnett Middle School

Osborne Middle School

Pinckneyville Middle School

Radloff Middle School

Richards Middle School

Shiloh Middle School

Snellville Middle School

Summerour Middle School

Sweetwater Middle School

Trickum Middle School

Twin Rivers Middle School


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