Video Broadcast Journalism

Video Broadcast Journalism

Audio and Video Technology Film I

This course prepares students for employment or entry into a postsecondary education program in the audio and video technology career field. Topics covered may include, but are not limited to, terminology, safety, basic equipment, script writing, production teams, production and programming, lighting, recording and editing, studio production, and professional ethics. SkillsUSA, the Georgia Scholastic Press Association, Technology Student Association (TSA), and Student Television Network are examples of student organizations that provide leadership training and/or reinforce specific career and technical skills and may be considered an integral part of the instructional program.

Video Broadcast Journalism II

Prerequisite - Audio and Video Technology and Film I

Through problem-solving activities, projects, and discussions, students will demonstrate knowledge of how film and video affects life and society. Additionally, study will be conducted on recent trends in mass communications. This course enhances prerequisite skills and provides instruction in producing non-narrative videos and commercials.

Video Broadcast Journalism III

Prerequisite - Video Broadcast Journalism II

This course will provide instruction in producing narrative videos. Students should be able to perform at an independent level of proficiency. This course builds upon prerequisite skills by requiring students to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize the body of video work created during the student’s high school career. The student will develop a substantial video portfolio based upon this work for public presentation.

Video Broadcast Journalism IV

Prerequisite - Video Broadcast Journalism III

This course offers the advanced video production student the chance to pursue independent study in video production. The student will produce a number of short videos on selected topics. Students must be able to perform at an independent level of proficiency.

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  • Broadcast Journalist
  • Announcer
  • Broadcast & Sound Engineering Technician
  • Camera Operator
  • Editor
  • News Analyst
  • Reporter
  • Correspondent
  • Program Director


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