Employer's Role

Employer's Role

  • Offer the student the opportunity to gain valuable skills in a work-place setting to enhance the student’s academic and future career goals

  • Assign a work-site mentor (supervisor)

  • Provide training so that the student may acquire new skills and job knowledge; job must be complex enough to require training; provide a variety of work experiences

  • Meet all requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act and, if the student is in a paid position, meet requirements for minimum wage, overtime, child labor, equal pay, and applicable tax withholding (No 1099’s). Sign off on student’s time sheets.

  • Provide the required hours for student to earn academic credit depending on the type of placement. Hours required will either be 10, 15, or 20 per week. However, depending on the needs of the business, the student may work more hours than what is required for course credit.

  • Meet with the Work-Based Learning Coordinator to discuss progress or need for improvement


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