Foundation Skills


The Foundation Skills for Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) are critical competencies that students pursuing any career pathway should exhibit to be successful. The foundation skills were developed from an analysis of all pathways in the occupational areas. These standards were identified and validated by a national advisory group of employers, secondary educators, postsecondary educators, labor associations, and other stakeholders. The Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) provide learners with a broad foundation for managing lifelong learning and career transitions in a rapidly changing economy and link to the state's academic performance standards.

  • FOUNDATION SKILL 1 – Technical Skills
    Learners achieve technical content skills necessary to pursue the full range of careers for all pathways in the program concentration.

  • FOUNDATION SKILL 2 – Academic Foundations
    Learners achieve state academic standards at or above grade level.

  • FOUNDATION SKILL 3 – Communications
    Learners use various communication skills in expressing and interpreting information.

  • FOUNDATION SKILL 4 – Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
    Learners define and solve problems, and use problem-solving and improvement methods and tools.

  • FOUNDATION SKILL 5 – Information Technology Applications
    Learners use multiple information technology devices to access, organize, process, transmit, and communicate information.

  • FOUNDATION SKILL 6 – Systems
    Learners understand a variety of organizational structures and functions.

  • FOUNDATION SKILL 7 – Safety, Health and Environment
    Learners employ safety, health and environmental management systems in corporations and comprehend their importance to organizational performance and regulatory compliance.

  • FOUNDATION SKILL 8 – Leadership and Teamwork
    Learners apply leadership and teamwork skills in collaborating with others to accomplish organizational goals and objectives.

  • FOUNDATION SKILL 9 – Ethics and Legal Responsibilities
    Learners commit to work ethics, behavior, and legal responsibilities in the workplace.

  • FOUNDATION SKILL 10 – Career Development:
    Learners plan and manage academic-career plans and employment relations.

  • FOUNDATION SKILL 11 – Entrepreneurship
    Learners demonstrate understanding of concepts, processes, and behaviors associated with successful entrepreneurial performance.


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