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The Georgia Department of Education (DOE) has developed 56+ Career Pathways. These Pathways allow you to concentrate your studies in an area of Career and Technical Education in preparation for a seamless transition from high school to postsecondary training at a college or technical school. All courses listed under each Pathway may be taken as an individual elective course, but the strength of the Pathway lies in completing an established program of study that leads to validation through an industry-based assessment. As new Pathways are created and approved by the state DOE and Gwinnett County Public Schools, course offerings will continue to be updated. The school counselor at your school will be able to provide you with more information on current pathways offered at your school.

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Administrative / Information Support
Architecture, Drawing & Design
Audio Engineering
Automobile Maintenance & Light Repair
Automotive Services II
Collision Repair I--Painting and Refinishing
Collision Repair II--Non-Structural Analysis & Damage Repair
Commercial Photography
Computer Networking
Computer Systems and Support
Culinary Arts
Digital Media & Animation
Early Childhood Care
Electronics / Robotics
Energy Systems
Engineering, Advanced
Engineering Graphics and Design
Fashion Marketing
Financial Management – Accounting
Financial Management – Services
Flight Operations
Graphic Design & Production
Interactive Media
Healthcare Science - Allied Health
Healthcare Science - Emergency Medical Responder
Healthcare Science - Therapeutic Services and Nursing
Interior Design
IT and Network Systems
JROTC (Junior ROTC) - Air Force
JROTC (Junior ROTC) - Army
JROTC (Junior ROTC) - Marines
JROTC (Junior ROTC) - Navy
Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice
Marketing & Management
Marketing Communications & Promotion
Music Technology
Nutrition and Food Science
Small Business Development
Sports & Entertainment Marketing
Sports Medicine
Teaching as a Profession
Travel Marketing and Lodging Management
Veterinary Science
Video Broadcast Journalism
Video Production
Web and Digital Communication

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