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8. Goals and Benchmarks

a. Goals

Guidelines / Requirements for compliance in this section (from the Peer-Response Rubric):

Based on the vision, data collection, and the gap analysis, clear and concrete goals are established in the following categories:


As indicated within other sections of this document, Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) does not use a separate and distinct instructional technology planning process. Instead, our use of technology and the associated planning process is embedded within our entire system model, and managed on a day-to-day basis by all divisions and by all departments. Additionally, our planning model is not driven by a standard, centrally managed organizational body, as may be prevalent in smaller systems. Our organizational structure is decentralized with a focus on local school autonomy. Support is proved by the following organizational structure:

We believe this structure demonstrates we are providing maximum flexibility towards the local decision process. This allows those closest to any needs, technology or otherwise, to be better served.

The following tables provide a view of how specific action plans are tied to common objectivies, which are then linked to our seven strategic goals. Each of the organizational management plans (OMPs) provide descriptions of the current state and rationale relative to each of the approved objectives.

Accordingly, and in order to better understand how our plans are organized and implemented, the tables below are an extract taken from our Organizational Management Plans, or OMPs. As provided, the tables show the tight linkages as described above. The grids provide a view as to how our specific action plans are tied to common objectives, which are then ultimately linked to our seven strategic goals. Additionally, each of the individual OMPs, has an associated detail which provides a description of the Current State, Desired State, and Rationale relative to each one of the approved objectives.

To aid with the reading of the extracted data, all of the plans are organized and separated by our seven Strategic Goals, as applicable to the scope of this instructional technology plan. Click on the following links to see the detail to each section:

  1. Ensure a world-class education for all students by focusing on teaching and learning the Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) curriculum.
  2. Ensure a safe, secure, and orderly environment for all.
  3. Optimize student achievement through responsible stewardship of its financial resources and the proactive pursuit of all resources necessary to meet current and future demands.
  4. Recruit, employ, develop, and retain a workforce that achieves the mission and goals of the organization.
  5. Meet the continuing and changing demand for essential information through technological systems and processes that support effective performance and desired results.
  6. Provide and manage the system's facilities and operations in an exemplary manner as determined by programmatic needs and best management practices.
  7. Apply continuous quality improvement strategies and principles as the way the organization does business.

Schools include technology objectives in their site-based instructional improvement plan, called the Local School Plan for Improvement, or LSPI. The LSPI must fit within the GCPS mission and vision, and becomes the basis for individual teachers' plans of improvement. This LSPI is reflected at each grade level, in each classroom, and is used as a component of individual teachers' annual performance reviews. The LSPI is an important component of the site-based management strategy to foster educational excellence.

At the school level, the following Results-Based Evaluation System (RBES) is an annual evaluation based on both objective and subjective criteria. The goal is to continuously improve instruction and student performance through a site-based evaluation and monitoring cycle.

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