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11. Appendices

a. Policies and procedures

Guidelines / Requirements for compliance in this section (from the Peer-Response Rubric):


Acceptable Use Policy Agreements

Procedure for ensuring interoperability and redeployment of older equipment

Gwinnett County Public Schools’ strategic partner, IBM, provides a great deal of support in regards to the types of equipment and related technology for our business. The Division of Information Management and its infrastructure team ensure interoperability of new enterprise-wide technology. A testing lab replicates the existing school hardware and software platforms, and simulations are conducted to test new technology and software and to evaluate functionality of enterprise-wide products.

In the local schools, the Technology Support Technician responds directly to teachers with an instructional technology need that requires interoperability. Vendors also provide some support where appropriate to meet GCPS standards.

Current processes of technology redeployment include the movement of computers from high schools being retrofitted with new technology to elementary and middle schools in need of newer technology. The Division of Information Management redeploys technology whenever possible to continue to upgrade school technology.

Gwinnett County Public Schools uses a surplusing strategy to remove equipment at the end of its lifecycle.

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