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11. Appendices

b. CIPA compliance

Guidelines / Requirements for compliance in this section (from the Peer-Response Rubric):

Evidence of CIPA compliance is provided.


Technology Protection Measure

To ensure Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliance, our system uses 8e6technologies X-Stop software. It is maintained by the Division of Information Management, and is updated daily.

Internet Safety Policy

The CIPA / Internet Safety policy below was approved by the school board on June 21, 2001 following the scheduled month-long public review process and discussion. This policy is publicly available via the GCPS web site. It is reviewed annually with school staff members and students.

Policy IFB: Acceptable Use of Electronic Media (Gwinnett County Public Schools’ CIPA Compliance Board-Approved Policy)

The Gwinnett County Board of Education recognize that electronic media, including the internet, provides access to a wide variety of instructional resources in an effort to enhance educational opportunities. Use of electronic resources must be in support of, and consistent with the vision, mission and goals established by the Gwinnett County Board of Education and for the purpose of AKS instructional support.

Strict compliance with all applicable ethical and legal rules and regulations regarding access must be maintained by all users of the district wide area network and /or other electronic informational services.

In compliance with public law 106-554, known as the Children's Internet Protection Act, the Superintendent shall institute, maintain, and enforce guidelines with respect to access to the district wide area network and/or other electronic informational services that:

1. Provide that a qualifying "technology protection measure", which includes but is not limited to fire walls, district filter, and local school filter, is installed and in continuous operation.
2. Prevent unauthorized access (hacking) and disclosures of personal information regarding student by on-line users.
3. Ensure the security of minors when using electronic mail, chat rooms, and other forms of electronic communication; prevent access to visual depictions that are (i) obscene, (ii) child pornography, or (iii) "harmful to minor" as that term is defined in section 1721 (c) of the Children's Internet Protection Act of 2000.
4. Institute, maintain, and enforce procedures which provide for monitoring the on-line activity of users, to the extent practical.
5. Allow disabling of the chosen "technology protection measure" by an authorized person, during use by an adult, only for the purpose of bona fide research or other lawful purposes.

Public Notice and Hearing

Click here to view the public notice (June 2001 Board Agenda and Minutes).

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