OLDStaff Directory

OLDStaff Directory

Leadership Team Values:
  1. Our business is student focused education that emphasizes individual disabilities.
  2. All students can learn over time.
  3. We value the worth of each individual and his/her unique ability to contribute to society.
  4. We value accountability to enhance individual performance.
  5. Effective communication is essential to success.

The leadership staff in the Department of Special Education and Psychological Services provides assistance and support to local school staff, district level staff, parents, and students. Staff members have expertise in the area of special education referral, evaluation, eligibility, and placement processes. In addition, each staff member has expertise in one or more particular program area. Following is a listing of the current leadership staff members:

Susan M. White, Executive Director of Special Education and Psychological Services

Linda Bell, Coordinator, EBD

Mary Butts, Coordinator, Administrative

Dr. Jan Calkins, Coordinator, Speech Language

Dr. Dale Carter, Director of Psychological Services

Keysha DuPont, Coordinator, OI/OHI

Dr. Vicki Husby, Coordinator, Professional Development and High School Program

Cheryl Wilson, Coordinator, Early Childhood

Lysanne Matthews, Instructional Coach for Autism

Vickie Mitchell, Coordinator, ID/IR/MI

Dr. Cheryl Ngoto, Coordinator, Middle School Program

Eva Parks, Coordinator, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program

Angela Patrick, Director, Administrative Services

Suzan Pattillo, Lead Teacher, VI/TBI

Cathy Schmidt, Coordinator, Transition and Community Skills

John Shaw, Director, Legal and Policy Issues

Kay Strickland, Coordinator, SLD

Cindy Terry, Lead Therapist, OT/PT

Dr. Sharon W. Thurman, Director, Instructional Services

Dr. Tuwanna Wesley, Coordinator, ID-MO/SID/PID