Are appeals possible?

Are appeals possible?

The Reclassification Process contains an opportunity for appeals to be made concerning reclassification decisions. The focus of the appeals process will be on additional information that was not available at the time the original reclassification request decision was made.

If the Division Head feels that there is a substantial reason why the decision concerning the reclassification should be reconsidered, he/she may submit an appeal request providing
additional information concerning his/her request for the appeal.

The appeal will be submitted to the Executive Director for HR Systems. Human Resources & Talent Management Division personnel will review the appeal with a primary focus directed to the
additional information and exceptional circumstances concerning the “Appeal Request.”

If the Associate Superintendent, Human Resources & Talent Management and/or the Executive Director of Human Resources Systems determine that the
additional information warrants additional consideration, they will present the request to the CEO/Superintendent for final decision. The CEO/Superintendent will also be informed of those appeal requests that do not warrant additional consideration.

The CEO/Superintendent's decisions concerning the recommendations are communicated to the Audit/Review Team and the Division Head by the Executive Director for HR Systems.