How is it determined which positions will be scheduled for reclassification?

How is it determined which positions will be scheduled for reclassification?

The process of determining which positions to schedule for reclassification and the process for determining when the reclassification should be effective will be driven by four key events that will take place during a given fiscal year, July 1 through June 30.

Human Resources Coordinated Selection Schedule
HR Systems Department personnel will prepare a schedule to ensure all positions are reviewed for possible reclassification every five years. The schedule will list 20 percent of all non-teaching positions for each year that will represent a mixture of all compensation levels within the district. The annual schedules will be presented to the Audit/Review Team for consideration.

HR Systems Department personnel will coordinate the reclassification process with the identified schools, offices, departments, or divisions. This process will take place within the fiscal year. The results of this process are presented as a Budget Request from the Human Resources & Talent Management Division for budget approval for the following fiscal year. (Example: Recommendations made by the Audit/Review Team between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015, are presented to the CEO/Superintendent as part of the FY16 District Budget. Approved reclassifications will be processed with an effective date of July 1, 2015.)

HR Systems Department personnel should be notified in the event that an office, department, division, or local school is considering a reorganization that might affect position classification. HR Systems Department personnel will work cooperatively with the Principal/Program Manager to study and make recommendations concerning not only position reclassification but also organizational design. The Principal/Program Manager’s recommendations are presented to the Audit/Review Team for consideration.

Audit/Review Team recommendations are taken to the CEO/Superintendent for approval. (Note: Not all reorganization changes need to go through the Audit/Review Team process. The HR Systems Department personnel can assist Principals/Program Managers with determining whether a reorganization would be appropriate for the reclassification process.)

The CEO/Superintendent will indicate the effective date for any approved recommendations.

If a vacancy occurs where only one individual was employed in the position, the Division Head may request a reclassification review by the Audit/Review Team. Any reclassification review and recommendation would be presented to the CEO/Superintendent before the vacancy notice is prepared and published.

Any changes resulting from the CEO/Superintendent approved recommendation will become effective on the new hire/transfer’s effective report date.

CEO/Superintendent’s Request
HR Systems Department personnel will coordinate all reclassification requests received from the CEO/Superintendent’s Office. The Audit/Review Team will review the information gathered in the reclassification process and recommendations will be submitted to the CEO/Superintendent for consideration.