What is the Audit/Review Team?

What is the Audit/Review Team?

The Audit/Review Team is comprised of representatives from each division to provide a diverse cross-functional approach towards reclassification recommendations made to the CEO/Superintendent.

Selection of a Team
The Audit/Review Team consists of ten team members. Each team member serves a two-year assignment to the team that runs from July through June of each fiscal year.

The selection of the team comes from recommendations by each Division Head. Team members consist of employees who can represent the division knowledgeably in auditing and reviewing reclassification requests.

The make-up of the team includes one member from each of the Central Office Divisions; Business & Finance, Facilities & Operations, Human Resources & Talent Management, School Improvement & Operations, Curriculum & Instructional Support, and Information Management & Technology; and four members from the School Improvement & Operations Division (Local School Staff). The members from the local school staff represent all levels, with two members from the Elementary level and one member from the Middle and High levels.

Function of the Team
The Audit/Review Team, with the Objective Criteria, Comparative Data, and Internal Equity information gathered by HR Systems Department personnel, reviews positions presented for reclassification and creates a recommendation for an appropriate compensation pay level. The recommendation is submitted to the CEO/Superintendent for consideration and approval.

Complete Consensus
There must be a quorum present (six members) for the Audit/Review Team to consider any reclassification and make recommendations. The team will strive to reach consensus on each position reclassification request. If consensus cannot be reached, the Human Resources Representatives will discuss the issues with the CEO/Superintendent at the time the reclassification is submitted for consideration.

Meeting Schedule
The Audit/Review Team will meet monthly (if applicable). HR Systems Department personnel will develop an annual meeting schedule and agenda with reclassification requests to be considered.