1. My college/university does not have a partnership with Gwinnett County Public Schools, and I would like to complete my placement there. What should I do?

Please have the field placement coordinator contact Janet Moody at janet_moody@gwinnett.k12.ga.us to begin the partnership agreement process.

2. How do I get approved for placement in Gwinnett County Public Schools?

In order to be considered for placement, a placement request must be submitted by your college or university field placement office.

3. I only need to complete a few hours of observation, and my school’s field placement office will not send a request for me. Can I still complete my observation hours in Gwinnett?

Yes, if you have been instructed to complete observation hours only by your professor or advisor, please complete the GCPS Request and Information Sheet and return via email to student_teaching@gwinnett.k12.ga.us. Your college professor will then be contacted to verify your observation hours.

4. How long does a placement take to be approved?

Please allow at least three weeks for a request to be received and moved through the placement process.

5. Can I student teach in schools where my children attend or where my relatives work?

No, students may not student teach in the same school where their children attend or where immediate family members are employed.

6. Can I be paid while I am completing my student teaching?

No, GCPS employees may not be paid during their student teaching assignment.

7. Should I contact the school where I am interested in completing my placement?

Please do not contact the schools directly. Any questions regarding your placement should be directed to Janet Moody at student_teaching@gwinnett.k12.ga.us.