Gwinnett County Public Schools

Communiqué Readership Questionnaire

Thank you for participating in this questionnaire about Communiqué, a community newsletter produced by Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS).

Please tell us who you are...

If you have a child or children in a Gwinnett school, please indicate the school levels and programs that serve your family. Check all that apply.


Following are several statements about the format of Communiqué . Please indicate your level of agreement with each statement.

Communiqué is attractively designed and easy to read.

The stories are about the right length.

Communiqué is a valuable source of information about the school system and its programs.

Which of the following best describes you as a Communiqué reader?

Which resources do you use most to get information about systemwide issues and initiatives in Gwinnett County Public Schools? Please check all that apply.


Your local school newsletter provides a wealth of information about programs and events at your local school. In Communiqué , the stories deal with systemwide issues or topics. What are you most interested in reading about in Communiqué? Please check all that apply.


In the fall and spring issues for this school year, we've added additional online resources with the Communiqué Connection. These online resources include longer profiles, additional stories, photo slide shows, and links to other web sites.

This year have you accessed online resources through the Communiqué Connection?

If you have used additional online resources that you found through the Communiqué Connection, please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements.

The additional resources and links were interesting.

The additional resources extended my understanding of the subject covered.

The additional resources and links were useful.

I enjoyed the photos and slide shows that accompanied the online stories.

Many organizations are moving their print publications to the Internet to get important information to more readers and to save money used for print publications.

If Communiqué became an electronic newsletter that came out more frequently, what would be the impact on your readership? Please check all that apply.

How often do you access the Internet?

Which best describes your use of e-mail?