Physical Education

Physical Education

Charles Truett, Director
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Description of Program

Never before has there been so much research documenting the health benefits of physical activity. Yet, there is an alarming number of youth that are overweight, or obese, which lead to future health issues. Therefore, in Gwinnett County Public Schools, the physical education program is designed to give students the movement competencies, concepts, and principles necessary to develop a physically active lifestyle and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness during their school-age years and beyond.

Students are provided with opportunities to succeed in a variety of movement and fitness activities that assist them in acquiring motor skills, health-related fitness, positive attitudes, and self-esteem. Physical activity is used to show students the enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, social interactions, and health benefits that can be derived from regular physical activity.

In addition to more traditional physical education courses, the Gwinnett Online Campus offers a state-of-the-art fitness course that uses innovative instructional strategies, heart rate monitors, and interactive web sites. This course has been popular among students and parents alike.

State Law

The state requires that each school containing any grade K-5 provide a minimum of 90 contact hours of instruction at each grade level in health and physical education. Each school containing any grade 6-12 shall make available instruction in health and physical education. Two nine-week classes in physical education are typically offered each year to middle school students. One semester (1/2 unit) is required at the high school level.

The Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) for Physical Education outline the comprehensive scope of the program and the skills and knowledge students should acquire to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. The AKS embrace National Standards and have been reviewed and validated by our educators and our community as essential curriculum for Gwinnett County students.

Core Materials

The following core materials in physical education have been adopted and will be integrated into the curriculum as funding becomes available.

K-8: Harcourt - EPEC
9-12: Glencoe – Personal Fitness for You

High School Elective Courses

A student should have passed the health and physical education required courses (Introduction to Lifetime Fitness and Introduction to Health) before participating in any of the following courses:

General Physical Education Team Sports Sports Medicine

Lifetime Fitness Lifetime Sports Recreational Games

Theory in Physical Education Tumbling and Stunts Track and Field

Outdoor Education Weight Training Aerobics

Body Sculpting