Managing Email Attachments

Managing Email Attachments

09 Managing email attachments.pdf

Managing email attachments

Email Tip #9: Smarter Attachments (Part 2)

The following guidelines for managing attachments could save many headaches:
    Remember that until you save an attached file, it remains part of the email. Make sure you save that document once you've decided to keep it.

    Save attachments to your hard disk and/or your local server as soon as possible. Then remove the message and attachment from your email box to free space on the server (and your mail file!)

    When saving a document, consider changing the format to meet your requirements. The most common formats include Rich Text Format (.rtf), plain text (.txt), as well as Microsoft Word (.doc). RTF files not only can be read by all word processing packages but are smaller in size.
Summary: Save attachments as soon as possible to your hard drive or server before deleting an email.
If you change the file extension when you save your document, ".rtf" is the most flexible format.