Preventing Email Communication Mistakes

Preventing Email Communication Mistakes

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Preventing email communication mistakes

Email Tip #12: OOOPS! (Part 1)
Within every email is a potential disaster just waiting to happen. One click of the mouse and you might find yourself sharing intimate details of your conversations with counselors about a student with the entire school district. The amazing speed of email can work against you if you are not careful.

Most everyone has felt that sinking sensation when you realize you accidentally replied to everyone or you forwarded something negative about a person to that person. Here are some steps to avoid these painful gaffes:
    Always check, double-, and triple-check the To: field before clicking Send. Be sure the email is addressed to only your intended recipient(s).
    If the information is personal or classified, wait until the last minute to enter the recipient name in the To: field. This eliminates prematurely clicking Send.
    When replying, carefully review all addresses in the To: and CC: fields from the originating email.

Summary: Check, check, and re-check the name(s) in the To: field. Leave the To: field blank until you are ready to send the email.

Review ALL names in the originating email.