Guidelines for Replying to Email

Guidelines for Replying to Email

07 Guidelines for replying to email.pdf

Guidelines for replying to email

Email Tip #7: The Dangers of REPLY TO ALL

Use the following guidelines when deciding whether to click Reply or Reply All.
    Whenever possible, send a reply to a single recipient.
    Carefully read all the recipient fields (To: CC: BCC:) so you are certain you know who will be receiving the reply if you choose to select Reply All.
    Consider if your comments are appropriate for everyone on the distribution.
    Avoid using Reply All too often – you don’t want people to tune out your replies.

Summary: Use good judgment when using the Reply All option. Ask yourself “does everyone copied need to see my reply?”
If the answer is yes, click Reply All. If not, click Reply to send only to the person who sent you the email.