Making Emails as Legible as Possible

Making Emails as Legible as Possible

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Making emails as legible as possible

Email Tip #2: First impressions DO count (Part 1)

First impressions are everything. No matter how important your email content, if it’s perceived as hard to view, it might be skipped. The following tips should help your email receive immediate attention:
    Align text to the left (and don't "justify" the text) for easiest viewing.
    Double space between paragraphs.
    Avoid being the proverbial “kid in the candy store” when it comes to formatting options.

      As fun as colors and fonts can be, what might seem colorful
      to you could come across as a deranged carnival
      exhibit to the reader.

    Treat all emails as business correspondence. Use upper and lowercase letters. Emails in all upper or lower case give the idea you didn’t care enough to press the Shift key.

Summary: How your email looks is as important as its contents. Keep blocks of text left justified, and go easy on the special effects.