Using the BCC: Field Effectively

Using the BCC: Field Effectively

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Using the BCC: field effectively

Email Tip #5: The value of the BCC: field

The BCC:, or "blind carbon copy" field often gets a bad rap because those listed on the To: and CC: (carbon copy) lines don’t know who else received a blind copy. With the increase of spam emails, there are many valid reasons to use the BCC: field. Use the following guidelines for the BCC: field:
    Use the BCC: field if you know the recipient would not want others to see their address or to know that they received the email. Often it just might be to cover your own bases. For example you might blind copy the principal when responding to a difficult parent.

    Use the BCC: field if you are sending an email to a large number of addresses, especially if the contacts do not know each other. This is valuable if someone on your list often clicks "Reply to All" when responding to emails.

    Some recipients might not want their email address listed for others to see – using the BCC: field eliminates that concern. For example, when sending a mass email to the parents of your third grade class, if you put all the email addresses into the BCC: field, your recipients will receive the email without seeing the private addresses of the other parents.

Summary: When sending to a large group of addresses, use the BCC: field to protect your recipients’ privacy