Using the Out of Office Feature

Using the Out of Office Feature

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Using the Out of Office feature

Email Tip #6: Out of Touch -- But Not Out of Luck!

With the lightening speed of the internet, most people are aware that emails arrived in a matter of seconds. If you are going to be out of town or out of email "touch", consider the following guidelines:
    If you will be out of touch longer than two business days, set up an Out of Office message.
    The Out of Office message should say when the recipient will be returning to the office, whom they can contact (if applicable) during your absence, and when the sender can expect a response.
    Keep public holidays in mind, because those are days often overlooked even when making use of the Out of Office feature.

Notes version 4: Actions -> Mail Tools -> Out of Office
Notes versions 5 & 6: Actions -> Tools -> Out of Office

Summary: If you will be out of the office more than 48 hours, set up an auto reply.
Let people know when you will be back and when you will be able to reply.