GCPS receives commendations along with systemwide accreditation

GCPS receives commendations along with systemwide accreditation

Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) received a recommendation to be granted systemwide accreditation, recognizing GCPS as a school system that supports, enhances, and stimulates growth and improvement throughout the school system.

The unanimous recommendation for system accreditation came after a three-day visit by education leaders and experts from around the nation, and for the first time, from around the world. The group visited the school system’s Instructional Support Center, 29 schools, and interviewed 807 individuals. Interviewees included GCPS stakeholders from the Gwinnett community, parents, students, all school principals, CEO/Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks, board members and system senior leaders.

District accreditation provides external validation and recognition for the improvement efforts of GCPS and its schools. It promotes systemic K-12 continuous school improvement and helps us to maximize our resources to improve student learning.

In its report, the visiting team, recognized the school system’s stable and visionary leadership at all levels, its focus on the core business of teaching and learning, and the system’s alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The committee also praised GCPS for its accomplishments including its continuous improvement in academic achievement. This is especially noteworthy as GCPS continues to face challenges of growth and diversity, also noted by the committee.

Gwinnett County Oral Exit Report.pdf