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Dear GCPS Parent,


BeThere@GCPS is back with another issue, this time focusing on how you can promote health and wellness for your child. Check out the age-appropriate resources below for tips on healthy habits, safety, and wellness.


Visit Latest Links for tips on nutrition, mental health, and safety for your student. And watch for more resources in coming months on risk-taking behaviors, including the use of drugs and alcohol, reckless driving, and risky sexual behavior.


Check out the November edition of ParenTVision in a new magazine-style format, with stories on staying connected with the school, cybersafety and Facebook, body image, sleep, the college application process, and more.


Thanks for reading!

Teen Focus header

Navigating the teen years can be challenging. Kids are bombarded with messages on TV, the Internet, in music, and popular culture about how they should look, what they should eat (drink, take, or smoke), and how they should act. Even when these messages are contrary to what they hear at home, they can have quite a draw when teens are trying to fit in with their peers. Online, you can find ways to encourage a healthy body image in your teen and learn more about eating disorders.


Watch "Warning Signs" to explore teen depression, anxiety, and suicide with ParenTVision. (GCPS' award-winning "ParenTVision" series is hosted by a GCPS counselor who explores topics related to raising teens.) Check out an online guide for teens who are depressed. And help your teen take a stand against bullying at school, online, and in the community.

In the Middle header

Experts say about a third of tweens and teens are bullies or the victim of bullying, but 88% of kids are bystanders or "silent witnesses." ParenTVision's "Silent Witness" shows how peers can stand up to help stop bullying. Along the same lines, learning to cope with cliques is another important lesson for your pre-teen.


Middle school is the time when puberty and all the changes that come with it kick into high gear. Share the CDC's Body and Mind (BAM) website with your tween, a resource for advice and activities on fitness, nutrition, puberty, emotional health, and personal safety.


Ages 9 to 18 are key bone-building years for your daughter. Help her learn how to build healthy bones for life with Best Bones Forever.


Find out more about Operation Escape Key, a program to promote Internet safety in Gwinnett, plus tips from Georgia's taskforce monitoring web crime against children and youth.

Just Beginning header

Children can develop lifelong habits-- healthy and unhealthy-- during childhood. Help your elementary student make good nutritional choices with the USDA's website, Choose My Plate (replacing the Food Pyramid). Even picky eaters might enjoy incredible edible plants and these kid-friendly foods. Learn how portion distortion is one of the culprits in the childhood obesity epidemic.


Make family time active time with these tips. And learn how the state's SHAPE Act and GCPS' physical education program promote fitness for your child.


Start a conversation with your child about personal safety. Share these online cartoons about bullying and safety advice from McGruff the Crime Dog with your child.

Need to Know header

... Keeping your child well and safe. Check out these tipsheets for parents.

Quotable Quotes header  

"Your children will become what you are; so be what you want them to be."

David Bly


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Parents helping parents to
Be There for their children...
Each issue, we'll pose a question so you can share advice with other parents. Last issue, we asked parents how they can "be there" for their child when it comes to keeping him or her well and safe. Check out their responses.


In the next issue of BeThere@GCPS, we'll be focusing on parent involvement in schools, how families can promote citizenship in their children, and tips for the college application process.


If you've already been through the college application process, what tips would you offer parents who are going through it for the first time? Submit your suggestion.


What can you do to raise your child to be a constructive citizen and responsible member of the community? Submit your suggestion.

Making Every Day Count

You may have missed these special days on the calendar, but you still can "celebrate," connecting with your student to make every day count:


Make a Difference Day on Oct. 22 was a "National Day for Doing Good."


Look for volunteer activities you and your child can do together.


Activities during Red Ribbon Week last month helped raise awareness of prescription drug abuse.


Talk to your kids about how "legal" drugs are "illegal" if prescribed to someone other than the user. Watch for more about curbing illegal drug use in a future issue.


Veterans Day was observed Nov. 11. 


When family and friends are together during the holiday season, your child might ask those who are veterans to share memories about their service. A tape or video, or a booklet with the stories compiled by your child, could become a treasured family heirloom.


The week of Nov. 13 marked the 90th year celebration of American Education Week. National Youth Appreciation Week was celebrated that same week, followed by National Family Week, beginning Nov. 20.


Look for opportunities to volunteer at your child's school. Check out classes for you and your child, offered through the Community School at your cluster high school. Find fun ways to spend family time together.


Look for more calendar notes in the next issue.

Latest Links header

The web has great resources for keeping your child healthy and safe. May we recommend these resources...



On Personal Safety and Bullying

On Mental Health

On Fitness and Nutrition


On Family Safety


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