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    The Power of Expectations - Resources_______________________
    • Parenting Tips

      Encourage Positive Family Relationships and Responsibility.
      • Provide reasonable structure to help children become independent and responsible.
      • Teach your child to be responsible at home by assigning chores and maintaining expectations for proper behavior. Self-discipline at home can transfer to school-related learning.
      • Take time to do fun things with your child individually and as a family.
      • Have regular conversations with your child and provide time to listen to his or her interests and concerns.
      • Praise your child for both trying hard and being successful.

      Model the Importance of Learning
      • Plan family outings that encourage learning, such as, visits to the library, museum or park.
      • Let your child know that you think learning is important and is the central purpose of school.
      • Talk with your child about your interests and likes.
      • Let your child see you reading. Talk about what you read.
      • Show an interest in what goes on at school and talk with your child about it.

    • Recommended Reading
      How to Parent So Children Will Learn, Strategies for Raising Happy, Achieving Children
      by Sylvia Rimm

      Now parents can consult an actual blueprint for bringing up their children in this book. In her compassionate yet no-nonsense style, Dr. Sylvia Rimm presents parents with basic strategies for guiding their children from birth to young adulthood. She explains how to give children a sense of confidence without "over-empowering" them, set positive expectations by example as well as through direct praise, and teach habits that encourage learning.

    GENERAL RESOURCES_______________________

    • Connect With Kids
      Producer of the Teenage Brain and partner with us on the Parentvision teen series.