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Spring 2012 Newsletter ~ Vol. 1, No. 3


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Dear GCPS Parent,


BeThere@GCPS is back with another issue, this time focusing on how you can help your student prepare for the future. Check out the age-appropriate resources below for tips on promoting a college-going culture, starting the college search, and preparing your new graduate for life away from home; and what you can do to encourage good citizenship in your child. The next issue of BeThere@GCPS will focus on making the most of the summer months and keeping an eye out for risk-taking behaviors.


(Speaking of the future, check out the winter edition of Communique, GCPS e-magazine. The issue focuses on college- and career-readiness.)


Thanks for reading!

Teen Focus header

One day, you're tearfully putting your five-year-old child on the bus to "big school," and it seems the next day you're sorting through college mail, planning campus visits, and ordering graduation announcements. Yes, they grow up fast, but that doesn't mean they don't need your guidance as they make big decisions about their future. It's important for you to stay involved with your older child and "be there" during the college search. Early in the college game? Take along this checklist as you attend local school and PROBE college fairs. If your student is further along in the college hunt, check out What You Need to Know for tips on college visits, questions to consider when narrowing college choices, and suggestions for navigating the admissions process.  Review tips from other parents about the admissions process in Speak Up! Get familiar with, Georgia's online, go-to resource for college planning. Watch an episode of GCPS' award-winning ParenTVision TV show-- A Matter of Degree-- to explore the impact of poor attendance and dropping out of high school. In a PTV Moment, learn more about college finance. Visit Latest Links for more resources to help your teen plan for college and career.

In the Middle header

If you have a middle schooler in your household, you may be more interested in getting through the latest tween drama than in thinking about college. (College! Already?) However, what your child does in middle school could have an impact on college choices. Here are some college planning sources just for middle schoolers. Check out these pre-teen career resources online. If you have an 8th grader, take some time to review "The Freshman Book," a preview for "The Choice Book," GCPS' high school planning guide. And take some time to talk about how to get the most out of high school. The state's online college and career planner,, also has a section just for middle school students.

Just Beginning header

It's never too early to start talking about the future. Learn how elementary schools help students explore careers and plant the college bug early. Kids who grow up with "when you go to college" rather than "if you go to college" are more likely to see themselves as college-bound. If you and your child are interested in learning more about careers together, check out this online listing of career exploration guides and resources for younger students and this kid-friendly collection of career information for elementary school students.

Need to Know header

... Preparing for college and promoting citizenship at home. Check out these tipsheets for parents.

Quotable Quotes header  

"There are only two lasting
bequests we can hope to give
our children. One of these is
roots, the other, wings." 
Hodding Carter


"Kids spell love T-I-M-E."
John Crudele 
"It is one thing to show
your child the way, and
a harder thing to then
stand out of it."  
Robert Brault 
are but three... Love,
Limit, and Let them be."
Marcelene Cox
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In This Issue
Teen Focus
In the Middle
Just Beginning
What You Need to Know About...
Speak Up
Making Every Day Count
Speak Up header

Parents helping parents to
Be There for their children...

Each issue, we'll pose a question so you can share advice with other parents. Last issue, we asked parent how they can "be there" for their child when it comes to making it through the college application process and raising a responsible citizen. Check out their responses.


As tweens and teens seek independence from their parents, they may be tempted to try risky behaviors with their friends. How can you help your child make good choices in the face of peer pressure? Click here to submit your suggestion.


What are your tips for having a fun, safe, and productive summer with your child? Click here to submit your suggestion.


In the next issue of BeThere@GCPS, we'll be focusing on how to curb risk-taking behaviors and how to make the most of the summer months.

Making Every Day Count

April and May include some special days that may give you another opportunity to connect with your student and make every day count:


Earth Day is celebrated April 22, with National Arbor Day set for April 27. The National Wildlife Foundation encourages families to Be Out There with activities like backyard camping. Make plans to spend time together outside: Participate in a river clean-up or a beautification project with Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful, plan a picnic at a local park or take a hike, plant a tree or start a garden. Help your child raise awareness through the Go Green Initiative contest. Calculate your environmental footprint. Visit the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center. Recycle!


May marks National Physical Fitness and Sport Month. Take the Fitness Challenge as a family. Get moving with these five tips from the Let's Move initiative. Remember freeze tag and hopscotch? Get outside to play some classic games together! Talk about the importance of fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle. Check out fitness and nutrition tips from the last issue and watch for more about active summer fun in an upcoming issue.


Also during May, we celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month and National Sight-Saving Month. Talk to your child about the safe use of audio technology (think loud music and earbuds) to prevent noise-induced hearing loss. Learn about developmental milestones in speech and language for your child. Model good sight-safety behavior for your child at your workbench and working around the house and car. Check out tips for taking care of your family's eyesight.


And May 13-19 brings Food Allergy Awareness Week, too. Finds tips for kids and teens with food allergies.


Look for more calendar notes in the next issue.


Latest Links header

The web has great resources for college planning and promoting citizenship. May we recommend these resources...



On Planning for College

On Making the Transition
to the Next Level

From kindergarten to college...

On Promoting
Good Citizenship at Home

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