For the Record - 08/02/2004

For the Record... Response to News Media Coverage of Gwinnett County Public Schools

In today's news media, the lines between legitimate news, editorial opinion, and "infotainment" can become blurred. Add to that tight deadlines and a rush to "get the story" and the result may be news coverage that is less accurate, balanced, and fair than it could be-- and should be.

Unfortunately, when erroneous or misleading stories appear in the news media, there are limited ways to counter the incorrect or incomplete information. In addition to asking the news media for a correction, many organizations are devising their own means for providing audiences with additional information and advising them of details not found in news media stories. That is why Gwinnett County Public Schools has set up "For the Record..." This space will be used to correct or clarify media stories about the school system, provide a context when one is lacking, point out errors in fact and editorializing, and also applaud news stories that are especially well done.

For the Record... will be updated daily and indexed by week, so you are encouraged to check the site regularly. Call the Department of Communication & Media Relations at 678-301-6020 with questions or comments.

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Corrections and Clarifications for the Week of 08/02/2004

August 2, 2004
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Sunday section "A Special Report on Our Public Schools: Making the Grade" contains several errors. In the school-by-school listing, Berkmar HS was listed as having not met the state's testing goals in 2003-04. While Berkmar HS did not meet the AYP goals, it did meet the state's testing goals. It did not make AYP because of the second indicator-- graduation rate. In addition, Berkmar's AYP status is currently under appeal. This same error was made in the story "High school students could strain system." It states that Gwinnett's Berkmar and Peachtree Ridge high schools are among 260 in Georgia that failed to meet the testing goals last year." Berkmar did not meet the AYP goals, specifically the graduation rate criteria, but it did meet the testing goals. This story also inaccurately states that "All three of those schools are overcrowded by several hundred students each", referring to Mill Creek, Grayson, and Central Gwinnett high schools. Central Gwinnett HS is the only one of the three that is overcrowded; Mill Creek and Grayson are under capacity.

The Gwinnett Daily Post's Sunday story “Mill Creek to hold registration Thursday” also contains errors. Mill Creek is the 16th GCPS high school, anchoring the 15th cluster. The article also mistakenly states that 35 trailers will transfer to Mill Creek HS from Dacula HS. In fact, Mill Creek HS will open without trailers.

August 3, 2004
No corrections or clarifications needed.

August 4, 2004
No corrections or clarifications needed.

August 5, 2004
No corrections or clarifications needed.

August 6, 2004
No corrections or clarifications needed.