Student Accountability

Student Accountability

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My Students - Student Assessment Reporting Tool

The Office of Student Accountability is responsible for coordinating with Information Management Division in the development and implementation of My Students/Student Assessment Reporting Tool. My Students provides each teacher with information about students’ performance on standardized assessments, as well as pertinent demographic information. Teachers use My Students to plan instruction for classes, and interventions and extensions for individual students. The School Profile Reports provides school leaders with an overview of student performance in their school by grade level, teacher, class, program, and subgroups. The District Profile Reports provide district level data to all Administrative users to facilitate study in trend data and district overview. The Historical Reports provides up to 5 years of trend data for all tests available in My Students. The Office of Student Accountability provides training for leadership teams as requested by school or district personnel. The My Students Handbook on Lotus Notes and in the Go Gwinnett Portal provides help documents and supporting information to My Students users.

The new My School and My District tools provide additional data and access to School Administrative and District personnel. Aggregate Student Attendance and Discipline reports are available in chart or graphic representation.

Reports are available by School, Cluster, Educational level and Area. Average test results show comparison between school and GCPS averages for selected assessments. Links from My School and My District provide access to all reports in My Students.

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Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)

Under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Georgia has submitted a plan to the United States Department of Education that defines how Georgia schools will be evaluated on three indicators- Participation, Annual Measurable Objectives and a Second Indicator.
  • Students in the measured grades (3-5, 6-8 and 11) must participate in the CRCT, GAA or GHSGT at the rate of 95% of current enrollment for all students and each subgroup.
  • Performance of students on the combined Reading/English Language Arts and Mathematics CRCT and ELA and Mathematics on the GHSGT must meet the predetermined percentage of students meeting or exceeding expectations for the current year. This predetermined percentage will increase every two to three years until the percentage will be 100% in 2014.
  • Schools must also meet a Second Indicator of Attendance for elementary and middle schools and Graduation Rate for high schools.

The Office of Student Accountability works with school leadership, GADOE, and IMD to keep schools abreast of the school’s current status and changing rules. During the AYP data collection cycle, the Office of Student Accountability works closely with all stakeholders to ensure the accuracy of the data the GADOE is using to calculate AYP for GCPS schools.

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Benchmark Assessments
  • The Office of Student Accountability coordinates the Benchmark Assessments in all GCPS schools, except GSMST. All middle schools are provided benchmark assessments in language arts, mathematics, science, and grade eight social studies, and the scoring and analysis tool with which to analyze student performance. High Schools are provided nine week benchmark assessments in thirteen core courses and the analysis tool to analyze the student data. Elementary Schools are provided assessments in language arts and math for grades 1-5 and grades 3-5 in science, and the analysis tool.
  • Three different kinds of assessments are provided by this office under the direction of Core Curriculum Directors.

1. Summative- Pre and Post Tests aligned to GCPS Instructional Calendar
2. Interim- Benchmark assessments at 9 week intervals
3. Summative- Diagnostic assessments aligned to EOCT and CRCT content weights.
  • Benchmark assessments are aligned to the AKS and GCPS Instructional Calendars and function as a tool to identify gaps in students’ conceptual knowledge as related to CRCT, EOCT, Gateway and GHSGT. Benchmark assessments provide opportunities for teachers and administrators to analyze classroom data, and use it for instructional planning in order to maximize teaching and learning. The Elements tool which houses the data provides opportunities for classroom data to be analyzed (by teacher, class, subgroup, program, student, and school) to identify effective and ineffective instructional strategies, chart progress on goals, and improve overall student achievement.

Elementary School Benchmark Assessment Plan (pdf)

Middle School Benchmark Assessment Plan (pdf)

High School Benchmark Assessment Plan (pdf)