Extracurricular Opportunities

Extracurricular Opportunities

Outside of the regular school day, Gwinnett students have many opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. For a number of reasons, you’re encouraged to participate in one or more extracurricular activities while you are in high school. For one, students who are involved are more connected to their school. For another, extracurricular competitions allow you to represent your school and earn recognition for your achievements.

Extracurricular activities offer you a chance to learn something new or learn more about something that interests you, to develop a talent, or perform with your peers. Extracurricular activities also give you an opportunity to develop and demonstrate leadership. Following is a general introduction to extracurricular options that may be available. However, offerings vary from school to school. Explore the options available at your school and get involved!


Gwinnett’s athletic programs focus on the importance of teamwork, how to cope with success and disappointment, and the necessity of physical well-being. Each high school offers the following athletic teams:

Adapted Sports

Competitive Cheerleading
Cross Country
Softball (fast-pitch)
Swimming and Diving
Handball, basketball, and football are available for students with physical disabilities (Gwinnett Heat)
Varsity, Jr .Varsity, 9th Grade
Varsity, Jr .Varsity, 9th Grade
Varsity, Jr .Varsity, 9th Grade
Varsity and Junior Varsity
Varsity and Junior Varsity
Varsity, Jr .Varsity, 9th Grade
Varsity and Junior Varsity
Varsity, Jr .Varsity, 9th Grade
Varsity and Junior Varsity
Varsity and Junior Varsity
Varsity and Junior Varsity, 9th Grade
Varsity and Junior Varsity

*GCPS will provide coaching supplements for varsity lacrosse for all high schools. The decision to add lacrosse will be based on student interest at the local school level.

Eligibility for Competition
The governing body for all competitive interscholastic teams is the Georgia High School Association (GHSA). The GHSA by-laws state, “All students establishing eligibility as entering 9th graders are automatically eligible for the first semester.”

All entering 9th graders are eligible to try out for all GHSA-sanctioned activities at the high school. At the end of the first semester and all subsequent semesters, a student who wishes to try out must pass a minimum of five out of six courses and be on track for graduation.

Note: The GHSA requirements for being on track for graduation and the GCPS promotion policy are not the same. Please refer to the high school requirements for promotion to see the differences in the requirements.
Students will not be permitted to practice or participate in athletic activities on a school day if they have been absent for more than one-half of the day or have served in-school suspension that day.

Fine Arts
Students have numerous opportunities in the following visual and performing arts areas:

Visual Arts
Band and Orchestra

By audition, students may participate in the Kendall Orchestra and the Gwinnett County Youth Symphony.
For details on the Fine Arts program, contact the GCPS fine arts director at (678) 301-7015.

Academic Competition
GCPS high schools have a strong tradition of success in academic competitions. Here are just a few competitions in which students compete as teams or individuals.

Odyssey of the Mind
One-Act Play*
Science Olympiad
Mock Trial
Reading Rally
DECA and other business and technology competitions
Quiz Bowl
Academic Decathlon
Model UN

*GHSA-governed extracurricular competitions

Each school’s web site has a list of available clubs. Examples of clubs found in Gwinnett high schools include:

  • Academic clubs that focus on math, science, writing, foreign language, technology, business and marketing, and other areas of interest.
  • Service and leadership groups, and honor societies.
  • Special-interest clubs, such as debate, chess, broadcast, publications, the environment, sports, and more…