Recommended Reading on Early Childhood Assessments

Recommended Reading on Early Childhood Assessments

Click on the following links for more information:

1. NEGP: “Principles and Recommendations for Early Childhood Assessments”

2. NAECS/SDE: “Still Unacceptable Trends in Kindergarten Entry & Placement”

3. NAEYC/NAECS/SDE: “Where We Stand on Curriculum, Assessment, and Program Evaluation”

4. Georgia DECAL: “Georgia Definition of School Readiness”

5. NEGP: “Ten Keys to Ready Schools”

6. U.S Dept. Of Ed: “Assessing the State of State Assessments: Perspectives on Assessing Young
(ED476816) ERIC Database

7. NAEYC: “School Readiness Assessment”

8. CRESST: “Trends in Early Childhood Assessment Policies and Practices”

9. “Readiness for School: A Survey of State Policies and Definitions”

10. Early Childhood Center, Indiana University: “ All Children Ready for School:
Social-Emotional Development"

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