Gwinnett names Media Specialist of the Year

Gwinnett names Media Specialist of the Year

Anne Newhouse of Susan Stripling Elementary is Gwinnett County Public Schools’ Media Specialist of the Year. Ms. Newhouse was chosen for her leadership in using technology to expand access to and uses of information and her use of innovative techniques to provide media services.

Anne Newhouse of Susan Stripling ES, GCPS Media Specialist of the Year
Ms. Newhouse embraces technological advances to better lead the way for her students and peers. She says more and increasingly complex options for information delivery require creativity and a willingness to learn— both for staff and students. Her work at Stripling Elementary has helped ensure that the school’s technological resources support teaching and learning in many ways— from the development of a staff intranet and “almost” paperless information system to a student intranet supported by teacher-researched Web sites and tools to support the curriculum. Though many of her students do not have computer access at home, Ms. Newhouse finds ways to use technology— such as digital photographs and videotapes— to enhance learning and connect with children’s families. At a system level, she was instrumental in the creation and co-production of “BookTales,” an award-winning GCPS TV series designed to encourage reading.

She also works to improve professional learning opportunities for teachers, helping her school’s Technology Team to plan more than 20 professional learning opportunities during the year. She presents sessions each fall to introduce teachers new to GCPS to media resources, and helps orient first-time teachers at her own school through scheduled classes.

Even with all of the technological advances that have become part of her field, Ms. Newhouse is still a firm believer in the importance of reading aloud to younger students, both to model good read-aloud techniques for newer teachers and to inspire a love of reading in students.

Director of Media and Information Services Faye Curlee says, “Anne Newhouse is a wonderful media specialist for the students at Stripling Elementary and a role model for her peers. Whether mentoring new media specialists or working with college students through internships and volunteer work, her expertise has benefited existing media specialists and those planning to enter the field. She is truly an inspiration for all Gwinnett County Media Specialists.”