High School Standardized Assessments

High School Standardized Assessments

Students in Gwinnett County Public Schools participate in standardized tests throughout the school year. When used as part of a comprehensive assessment program that includes homework, projects, classwork, teacher-developed tests, and other local assessments, these tests help parents and teachers measure student progress and achievement on the AKS and GPS to ensure success at the next grade level.

9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade
EOCT (Algebra I/Accelerated Algebra I, Freshman Language Arts, Biology)
EOCT (Integrated Geometry/Accelerated Integrated Geometry)

EOCT (Junior Language Arts,
US History)
EOCT (Economics)
GHSGT** (ELA, MA, SC, SS, and Writing)

HS Assessment Results

*GCPS Graduation Requirement
**State Graduation Requirement for students who entered 9th grade before July 1, 2011
GCPS Assessment
State Assessment