Superintendent's Contract Renewed by Board through June 2008

Superintendent's Contract Renewed by Board through June 2008

The Gwinnett County Board of Education, voting at its December 8 meeting, unanimously approved renewal of Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks’ contract for another two years. Mr. Wilbanks’ current contract expires on June 30, 2006. The contract renewal begins July 1, 2006, and extends to June 30, 2008. Local legislation limits a Gwinnett County school superintendent’s contract to two years.

In a prior motion, the Board voted unanimously to amend Mr. Wilbanks’ current contract as follows: Beginning January 1, 2006, through June 30, 2006, the superintendent’s total compensation will be his current base salary of $218,750, plus a cost-of-living increase of 4.4 percent, which equals the average increase for teachers in the FY2006 Budget. The new base salary will be $228,375.

In addition, the amended contract includes an increase of 8 percent in his current transportation allowance and a 7.5 percent increase in his current expense allowance. The Board’s contributions to the Teachers Retirement System (TRS) and Gwinnett Retirement System (GRS) will remain at 5 percent and 1 percent, respectively, as prescribed by the approved formula for these retirement systems. The total compensation package for January 1, 2006, through June 30, 2006, as amended would be based on an annualized salary of $276, 422.

Under the new contract, beginning July 1, 2006, and each July 1 thereafter the superintendent’s compensation package provides for a cost-of-living adjustment in the base salary equal to the average salary increase for teachers approved in the FY2007 and FY2008 budgets, respectively. It also provides for continuation of the transportation and expense allowances and the retirement contributions as set forth in the amended contract.

Mr. Wilbanks’ current and new contracts also include health and medical benefits as provided for other system employees; vacation and sick leave earned at the same rate as other personnel; travel costs and registration fees for attendance at conferences, seminars, and workshops deemed beneficial to the system, and membership in relevant professional and community organizations.

Mr. Wilbanks has served as CEO/Superintendent of Gwinnett County Public Schools since March 1996.