New GCPS teachers share their back-to-school excitement

New GCPS teachers share their back-to-school excitement

Wayne Ransom, Lilburn Middle School, first year mathematics teacher, coming from private sector with an engineering and business background

“It’s exciting to see the investment Gwinnett has made in the schools, the curriculum. I’m really excited about the support; I really believe I’m going to be successful in this environment. There’s a momentum here… they’ve built a successful foundation and I’m hoping to build on that and be an asset. I’m just really excited.”

Jaime Haggard, Lanier Middle School, first year teacher

“I’m really excited about being at Lanier. I’m excited to start my first year with such great faculty and administration. I’m looking forward to the first day of school, meeting the kids, and getting started.”

Shaila Khaki, Walnut Grove Elementary School, returning to teaching after five years away from the classroom

"I'm looking forward to returning with the perspective I've gained as a parent. . . . I'm also proud to be a part of this system. All the support from the system really makes you feel like you're part of something larger."

Sheryl Blair, Meadowcreek High School, ESOL teacher with 30 years in Tennessee, moved here so she could teach in Gwinnett

“GCPS seems to be a school system that cares about learning and cares about its students, and is willing to support the teachers so that the students can succeed. . . . My biggest challenge will be being in a school where my department is as big as the entire faculty of my old school. Being in a school with 2,300 kids will be a big change for me. I’m really looking forward to teaching at a school as diverse as Meadowcreek.”

Amy Winter, Mill Creek High School, first-year teacher

“I’m excited about opening a new school with the other teachers. Not everyone can say that their first job was at a brand new school. I’m excited about developing a rapport with the other teachers and working to get the school up and running.”

Julie Furgala, Cedar Hill Elementary School, first-year teacher

"I'm excited to be here and have my own classroom. I've always wanted to be a teacher, and I'm looking forward to having a fun, challenging, productive learning environment for my students."