2011 Redistricting: Duluth-Peachtree Ridge Clusters

2011 Redistricting: Duluth-Peachtree Ridge Clusters

Beginning March 7, 2011, the Gwinnett County Board of Education will gather feedback on proposed attendance lines in the Duluth and Peachtree Ridge clusters. The schools involved in this particular redistricting are Duluth HS, Peachtree Ridge HS, Hull MS, Duluth MS, Mason ES, Chesney ES, and Harris ES. Through the redistricting process, the enrollment between the two clusters will be better balanced, providing much-needed relief to the Peachtree Ridge Cluster beginning in August 2011.

Gwinnett County Public Schools uses an inclusive redistricting process that allows the school system to gather input from educators, parents, and community members on the proposed revisions. The redistricting process begins with the development of proposed maps that use set school system criteria. These criteria include looking at current enrollment, enrollment forecasts, enrollment histories, existing identifiable boundaries, school locations, and student transportation. The proposed map for this specific redistricting, along with Boundary Input Forms, are found below. All input through the Boundary Input Forms is due by April 1. This input will be taken into consideration by the Planning Department; any changes to the map will be available on April 18. Additional input will be gathered through a public meeting on April 20. It is anticipated that the Gwinnett County Board of Education will vote on this redistricting proposal at its meeting on April 21.

Click here to view the proposed redistricting map for the Duluth and Peachtree Ridge clusters. (When downloading, please note that this is a large PDF. You can zoom in to see more specific areas on the map. Additionally, this map and the input forms are available at the schools involved in this redistricting process.)

Key Dates in the Duluth/Peachtree Ridge Redistricting Process

Date/Day of Week/
March 2011
Starting boundary maps along with input forms available in school locations and GCPS website.
April 2011
Deadline for completion of boundary input forms.
By 4/11/11
Boundary Committees complete their review and submit recommendations to the GCPS Planning Department.
GCPS Planning develops final recommendations based on input and consultations.
Final recommendations with any necessary revisions available in school locations and GCPS website.
Public Meetings
4/20/11 - Wednesday
Board Room
7:00 p.m.-
8:30 p.m.
Public comments from affected schools.
4/21/11 - Thursday
Board Room
7:00 p.m.
BOE votes on redistricting.