Process to name three new elementary schools underway

Process to name three new elementary schools underway

The following new elementary schools are due to open in August 2007.
-- New Dacula Cluster ES-- 442 E. Union Grove Circle in Auburn (school naming committee comprised of Dacula Elementary community members)
-- New Mill Creek Cluster ES-- 2707 Kilgore Road in Buford (school naming committee comprised of Harmony and Ivy Creek elementary school community members)
-- New Grayson/Dacula Cluster-- 1705 New Hope Road in Lawrenceville (school naming committee comprised of Cooper and Grayson elementary school community members)

To give these schools an identity, school naming committees have been formed within the cluster where the new school will be built. These committees are charged with the task of developing a list of recommended names to submit to the superintendent. These committees have already begun their work, using available research in adherence to school policy FDC, Naming New Facilities.

In making their recommendations, the committees give consideration to:
  • Individuals who have made a significant social contribution (If an individual name is proposed, only the last name will symbolize the official name.)
  • Names of communities served by the school
  • Roads
  • Landmarks
  • Geographical locations in the proximity of the school
Individuals and organizations of Gwinnett County may submit names. Information on submitting names is available below and at the local elementary schools within the clusters where the new schools will be built.

The Board is expected to vote on the Superintendent's recommendations for the new school names at its scheduled board meeting in June.

New School Naming Input Form (pdf)