The Participants Speak about the Principal for a Day Experience

The Participants Speak about the Principal for a Day Experience

A sampling of reactions from participating business leaders in 2009:

Principals for a Day said…

“The experience was definitely eye-opening. I thought the principal’s role was mostly administrative. I had no idea how involved a principal was during the daily school routine. I came to realize that the principal cannot fully understand how well the staff members are working toward the school mission unless he observes it himself.”

“Every year I learn more about the advances in public education. It never ceases to amaze me the dedication and passion shown by our educators.”

“The children represent the future of the community. Understanding how best to educate them is an essential part of keeping Gwinnett great.”

“Outstanding program! This has exceeded my expectations at all levels.”

“This is the first time I have had the opportunity to visit a GIVE Center and to see how the teachers, staff, and students respond to each other. This is a GREAT program that GCPS has instituted… very visionary!! And a GREAT school!!”

“Eye-opening day. I saw the challenges teachers and administrators are faced with on a daily basis and saw real excellence from administrators and teachers.”

“I had a GREAT day and learned a lot about my school. I believe I could have spent a week here and still not seen everything that is going on.”

“It was a great way to see the school through the eyes of not only the principal but from the ‘inside out,’ which is very different than ‘outside in.’”

‘This is my fifth year [participating in Principal for a Day]. I wonder how they do it. It’s easier to run a company than to be a principal.”

“Eye-opening experience. With children in the GCPS schools, I am confident they are getting pushed and challenged each and every day.”

“GCPS principals take a serious ‘team’ approach to running their schools. Excellent leadership skills and personality management are key to the success of the day. The principal’s job is an ever-changing experience.”

“I enjoyed being part of the ‘School Council’ meeting— seeing some of the parents and the student representatives— how much they really care and how passionate they are about the school and the programs. There was an honest and straightforward dialogue among all the participants. Very encouraging!!”

“ I know one thing for sure… if every school in the country was as structured as this elementary school and had teachers as I saw in action, our country would have no concerns about our future leaders.”

“Make it Principal for a ‘Week.’ Not enough time to see and experience it all.”

“The principal oversees a large staff that compares to a large corporation. He must make sure all phases of school life work well and in conjunction with each other. He must also get up at 3 a.m. if the burglar alarm goes off! He has to have the right mix of understanding, discipline, leading, and compassion.”

“Please do this more than once a year. More people must be exposed to what our teachers and administrators have on their daily plate.”

“My principal is an excellent leader and an inspiration to watch at work— and he would be the last person to take or accept credit for the success of his school. However, there is no doubt that the success of his school is a reflection of his efforts, leadership, and vision.”

“You gave me a new insight that further strengthened my resolve that Gwinnett County has a world-class educational system and that our schools are probably the most precious of jewels in Gwinnett County’s crown.”