eCLASS Innovator: Jason Burke of Jenkins ES

eCLASS Innovator: Jason Burke of Jenkins ES

Jason Burke, 5th Grade Teacher at Jenkins ES
How are you using technology in your lessons to engage students in their learning?
In my class, I’m using the programs Kidblog and Wallwisher. Students use these programs to respond to what they’re learning, responding to essential questions in reading, science, and social studies.

What technology tools do you use on a regular basis in your classroom?
Our class regularly uses the laptop cart and iPads during small-group instruction for all content areas.

Why do you think it is important for teachers to embrace technology in the teaching and learning process? Our students are growing up in a different age then their teachers. They are so technology savvy, so it only makes sense to bring these many tools that they are knowledgeable about into the classroom.

Please describe one of your most effective uses of technology in your classroom?
One of the most effective ways I use technology in class is to differentiate learning. Using technology, I can engage students in research and their learning while I also work with other students in small groups at the same time. For example, when the students created earth science PowerPoints, I pulled small groups together for a science project. The students first watched an earth science video on Study Jams that contained some great content the students could include in their PowerPoints. After that, the class responded to a question on our Wallwisher page. Then, the students worked on their PowerPoints, and were really creative in their use of transitions, graphics, and sound. While students were working on their earth science project, I was able to pull small groups to work with students on specific academic needs.

What evidence do you see in your classroom that your use of technology has improved learning or increased student achievement?
One thing I’ve noticed is how motivated students become to show what they know when they use technology. The students take ownership and are excited to share their work.