Getting the Most out of High School

Getting the Most out of High School

A Guide for Students:
Making a Successful Transition from Middle School to High School

If you thought the move from 5th grade to middle school was a big change, get ready for this next leap! Although this is an exciting time, it can be stressful, too. Here are some tips for making a smooth transition and getting the most out of high school:

Get there!
Come to school every day. You will be able to keep up with work in your classes and ask for extra help when you need it most.

Get involved!
You’ll feel more a part of the school if you join a club, play a sport, or participate in the band or theater. Your high school has lots of options. Check it out!

Get organized!
Use your agenda book as an assignment book, planner, and organizer. Write down assignments for every class, every day. Write the date that long-term projects are due on a calendar, and refer to it often. Begin long-term projects long before they are due.

Get started!
Do your homework from the first day. Keep up with assignments, and ask for help from your teacher or advisor if you get behind or have questions. If you are absent, ask the teacher what you missed and complete make-up work by the deadline your teacher gives you.

Get settled!
Set a time and specific place at home to do your homework. Choose a place where you will not be distracted and interrupted. Get into this daily routine. Read over class notes you wrote down even if you don’t have homework in that subject. Daily review strengthens your ability to remember important information.

Get connected!
Find good study partners in subjects that are more difficult for you. Get phone numbers so you can call them from home while you are doing your homework. Write down teachers’ e-mail addresses or web sites, if available, for at-home assistance if you need it.

Get ahead!
Your high school academic record begins from your first day in the 9th grade. Freshman course grades count JUST AS MUCH in your GPA as your grades in senior courses. Get them right the first time!

Get positive!
Choose a positive attitude every day and make every day a good one! Be the kind of person you would like to be around.

Get going!
These four years will fly by! Whether you have college, work, or other plans in mind, begin thinking about what you want to do after you finish high school. Consider careers and know requirements for the colleges you’re considering. Choose high school courses that will help you get where you want to go!