Parent & Community Involvement

Parent & Community Involvement

Gwinnett County Public Schools is the leading partner in a total community education partnership that includes students, parents, educators, community members, and businesses. We believe community involvement is key to our continuing success. It’s easy for community members to participate through a variety of ways at the local school and at the system level.

For example, each Gwinnett County school has a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) or Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA). Gwinnett’s PTA boasts one of the largest memberships in the nation and is the winner of numerous state awards.

In addition to these groups, a number of citizens become involved in the schools through the Partners in Education Program. Since 1988, the program has joined Gwinnett businesses with schools in official partnerships that are beneficial to all. The program enhances educational opportunities and builds mutual understanding between the business and education communities.

Open lines of communication are a key factor in Gwinnett’s strong community-education partnership. Besides receiving input from parents and community members on a variety of topics, the school system communicates regularly to the community through publications. Local school news is distributed through each school’s regular newsletter for parents, and systemwide news is reported in the parent/community newsletter, Communiqué. In addition, extensive coverage of school system news, achievements, and activities is provided by the local news media.

For information on ways you can become involved, contact your local school.