GCPS Board Meeting Summary for February 21, 2002

          The following are highlights of the February 21, 2002, meeting of the Gwinnett County Board of Education.
          The official minutes of the meeting will be approved by the Board at its next monthly meeting.

          Gateway Technical Advisory Committee Provides Interim Report
          The Gateway Cross-Functional Action Team’s recommendations of January 2001 included a recommendation that a Technical Advisory Committee be established to review current development, scoring and reporting procedures and practices of the Gateway Assessments. Dr. Gregory Cizek, associate professor of educational measurement and evaluation at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is serving on this Technical Advisory Committee. At the meeting, he shared with Gwinnett School Board members observations and tentative recommendations regarding the work of the Gateway Technical Advisory Committee. The committee met for the first time in December and will meet later this year to finalize their recommendations. Members of the committee are: Dr. Cizek, Dr. Stephen Cramer of the University of Georgia, Dr. George Engelhard, Jr. of Emory University, Dr. Diane Garavaglia of the American Institutes for Research, Dr. Howard Mitzel of Pacific Metrics Corp., and Dr. Holly Robinson of the Georgia Public Policy Foundation. Dr. Cizek commended GCPS on the integration of the Gateway assessment with the curriculum and on the focus on intervention for students not passing the test on the first attempt.

          School Board Recognizes Support of Community Members and Award-winning Efforts of Educators and Students
          The Gwinnett County Board of Education recognized the following citizens, educators, and students at its February meeting.
          - Members of the Superintendent’s Council of Community Advisors (SCCA) were recognized for their participation in this advisory group and their support of Gwinnett County Public Schools and public education.
          - Dr. James Kahrs, Principal of Shiloh HS, was honored for being named State Principal of the Year by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).
          - The Board recognized Lilburn MS' 8th grade sheltered ESOL team on its recent honor as the Georgia Middle School Association's Region One Team of the Year. Members of the teaching team include: Roland Caissie, Julie Chavez, Andrea Colf, and David Danziger. The Board extended its congratulations to Principal Berry Simmons, the teachers, and the school.
          - Shiloh HS 12th-graders Adam Balkcom, Robin Blaine, and Trish Mashburn were congratulated on their first-place finish in the state competition of the Fall Stock Market Competition, sponsored by the Georgia Council on Economic Education.
          - The Board saluted the Parkview HS Football Team and its coaches on its recent AAAAA state football championship.
          - The Gwinnett County Board of Education honored the 40 Gwinnett teachers who have earned National Board Certification, the teaching profession’s highest credential. These nationally certified teachers are: Mary Anderson, Henry Partee ES; Rose Ball, Brookwood ES; Sallie Barrett of Richard Hull MS; Elizabeth Blackmon, Sweetwater MS; Dr. Barbara Blasch, Lilburn MS; Tom Broom, Dacula HS; Rose Bulau, J. C. Magill ES; Cathy Carpenter, Lanier MS; Jo Carter, Lawrenceville ES; Emily Clody, Creekland MS; Peggy Coffey of Kanoheda ES; Jolinda Collins of Brookwood HS; Elaine Conklin, Central Gwinnett HS; Marilyn Dailey, Collins Hill HS; Jorge Diaz, North Gwinnett HS; Jan Fickel, Harmony ES; Dana Fronk, J. P. McConnell MS; Cindy Gaskins, Lanier MS; Gini Graham, Collins Hill HS; Anne Holloway, R. D. Head ES; Denise Hartzell, Phoenix HS; JoAnn Hubbard, Bethesda ES; Michael Dana King, Duluth HS; Jessica Moreau, Berkmar HS; Tim Mullen of J. E. Richards MS; Amor Owens, Camp Creek ES; Annette Phillips, Harmony ES; Carmen Pico, Susan Stripling ES; Pamela Poppe, Brookwood HS; Stewart Rountree, Pinckneyville MS; Angela Schoenknect of Camp Creek ES; Sarah Skinner, Collins Hill HS; Pasha Souvorin, Phoenix HS; Lucy Strother, Susan Stripling ES; Kristi Tucker, B. B. Harris ES; and Barbara Wilson, Central Gwinnett HS.
          Nationally certified teachers not present at the Board meeting included: R. Hollene Sparks Ferguson, Chattahoochee ES; Dr. Laura Graham, Pinckneyville MS; Thomas Haugh, Central Gwinnett HS; Robin Miles; Norcross HS.

          School Board Authorizes 2002 GMA Lease Pool Annual Appropriation
          The Board adopted a resolution authorizing the appropriation of $6,508,043 to allow Gwinnett County Public Schools to continue participation in the pooled lease program sponsored by the Georgia Municipal Association. This resolution is an annual requirement of the GMA pooled lease program. The money Gwinnett appropriates is available for future capital lease purchases as requested.

          Board Approves Eight Principal Appointments
          At its regular monthly meeting, the Gwinnett County Board of Education approved the following principal appointments for next school year:

          SCHOOL NAME
          Duluth High
          Patrick Blenke
          Jefferson High
          Brookwood High
          Jane Stegall
          Associate Principal, Brookwood High
          Meadowcreek High
          Dr. Angela Pringle
          Norcross Elementary
          Norcross Elementary
          Dr. LaVern Watkins
          Assistant Principal,
          Norcross Elementary
          Fort Daniel Elementary
          Carolyn Madsen
          Assistant Principal,
          Magill Elementary
          Camp Creek Elementary
          Kathy Jones
          Assistant Principal,
          Craig Elementary
          Rebecca Minor Elementary
          Dr. Larry Stone
          Former Principal, Riverside Elementary
          Nesbit Elementary
          Cecilia Garcia
          Special Education Coordinator, Forsyth County Schools

          Ms. Stegall’s appointment as principal of Brookwood High is effective immediately, as current Brookwood High Principal Connie Corley will be joining the Central Office as Director of High School Staffing. All of the other appointments will be effective July 1, 2002. With the exceptions of the Brookwood High and Norcross Elementary appointments, the new principals will fill openings created by retirements.

          Board Receives Briefing on Current and Future Building Programs
          The School Board received a review of the 1997 Building Program (which is funded by the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, SPLOST I) and the 2002 Building Program (SPLOST II) . The 1997 SPLOST total revenue will support approximately 40 percent of Gwinnett County Public Schools' facility needs. The extension of the SPLOST will begin July 1, 2002. The SPLOST extension is expected to support approximately 70 percent of the system's facility needs when it ends June 30, 2007. GCPS planning staff are currently evaluating facility needs beyond June 30, 2007.

          Gwinnett Proclaims Appreciation to the PTA
          In observance of the National PTA's founding 105 years ago this month, the School Board adopted a proclamation stating its appreciation for the PTA as a valued partner in Gwinnett County Public Schools' quest to become a system of world-class schools. In doing so, the Board acknowledged the Gwinnett PTA Council and the local school units for their work as advocates for children, families, and public education in Gwinnett County. PTA Council Co-President Cindy Thompson accepted the proclamation on behalf of the county's Parent-Teacher Association.

          Advance Purchase of School Buses Approved
          In a move to acquire needed school buses at a desirable bid price, the Board approved the advance purchase of 59 72-passenger buses and 61 special needs buses at an estimated cost of $6.5 million. The advance purchase of these buses will allow for delivery before the beginning of the 2002-03 school year. Plans are to fund the purchase from the General Fund Unreserved Fund Balance, with final payment to be made from the Fiscal Year 2003 budget funds or other funding sources. In related action, the Board approved a resolution authorizing the school system to apply for a low-interest loan through the Georgia Municipal Association Lease Pool to fund the bus purchases, if it is needed. Details about how much might need to be borrowed under this arrangement will be determined as part of the School Board's budgeting process.
            Instructional Materials Adopted for Mathematics and Technical Education
            Board members adopted instructional materials, as recommended by staff, in the areas of mathematics, grades 6, 7, 11-12; and Technical Education, grades 6-8. The School Board also adopted supplemental materials provided by NCS Learn for elementary grades math and Riverdeep for middle grades math. The Riverdeep materials will also be piloted at selected Gwinnett high schools. The school system's materials review process is comprehensive and allows multiple opportunities for staff and community input. In addition, materials are piloted in our schools to allow teachers to assess the effectiveness of proposed materials. For more information about adopted materials contact Curriculum Development at 770-338-4832.

            Advance Purchase of Portable Classrooms Approved
            The Board of Education approved the advance purchase of 200 portable classrooms. This advance purchase will help ensure the school system has the portable classrooms needed for the coming school year.

            Board Taps SunTrust as Banking Services Provider
            Based on the results of a detailed bid process, School Board members approved SunTrust Bank as the school system’s supplier of checking account, depository, processing, and other banking services.

            Board Continues Review of Policies
            School Board members approved changes to Policy GBRIB - Leave (Sick, Person, Adoption & Vacation), which had been tabled at last month's meeting.
            In addition, the following policy changes were tabled until the March meeting to allow for public input:
            Policy CB - Closings Due to Weather/Emergency-- Staff is recommending the creation of this new policy under Section C “General School Administration” to include information previously contained in Policy AFC Emergency Closings under Section A “School District Organization.”
            Policy DJA - Authorized Signatures-- This new policy has been created to comply with current practice.
            Changes to the following policies are recommended to comply with current practice, reflect the compilation of two or more existing policies, and in some cases to reflect changes in state law:
            Policy DA - Fiscal Management Goals, Policy DC - Annual Operating Budget, Policy DCI - Budget Amendment, Policy DFD - Bond/SPLOST Elections (This policy includes information previously contained in Policy FFA--Bond Sales.), Policy DFE - Revenues Short Term Notes-, Policy DFL - Investment Policy, Policy DFN - Property & Textbook Control, Policy DI - Accounting and Reporting, Policy DID - Internal Audit Policy, Policy DK - Local School Activity Funds - Restricted Funds, Policy DJD - Expense Reimbursement, Policy JBA - Eligibility for Enrollment (Staff is recommending proposed changes to this policy that include title change and information previously contained in Policies JBA entitled Compulsory Attendance Age, JBB-- Attendance Eligibility, and JBC-- School Admissions.)
            It is recommended that the following policies be rescinded:
            Policy AFC-- Emergency Closings-- The information is contained in the proposed new policy CB entitled Closings Due to Weather/Emergency.
            Policy DJEE - Local Purchasing-- The Department of School Nutrition Programs ensures that GCPS is in compliance with state and federal laws.
            Policy FFA - Bond Sales--The information is contained in proposed Policy DFD, Bond/SPLOST Elections.
            Policy JBA - Compulsory Attendance Age-- The information is contained in the proposed Policy JBA entitled Eligibility for Enrollment.
            Policy JBB - Attendance Eligibility-- The information is contained in proposed Policy JBA entitled Eligibility for Enrollment.
            Policy JBC - School Admissions-- The information is contained in proposed Policy JBA entitled Eligibility for Enrollment.

            Citizens Address the Board of Education
            The following citizens addressed the Board:
            - Cindy Wilson
            - Joel Mountain
            - Beth Smith
            - Terry Dellinger