GCPS Board Meeting Summary for June 20, 2002

          The following are highlights of the June 20, 2002, meeting of the Gwinnett County Board of Education.
          The official minutes of the meeting will be approved by the Board at its next monthly meeting.
          Board Approves Central Office and Leadership Positions
          -- Dr. Donald Fielder will join GCPS as the new associate superintendent for educational leadership, effective July 1, 2002. Dr. Fielder succeeds Emmett Lawson, who retires from the position on June 30. Dr. Fielder is a veteran of 32 years in public education. His extensive educational experience includes serving as superintendent for two school districts-- Academy School District Twenty in Colorado Springs, Colorado (17,000 students) from July 1996 through August 1999, and Park City (Utah) School District (2,500 students) from July 1993 through June 1996. He currently is president of Geronimo Consulting Group, a private firm specializing in organizational leadership training based in Larkspur, Colorado.
          -- Dr. James Kahrs will head the leadership team at Peachtree Ridge HS, a new high school set to open in August 2003. Dr. Kahrs' appointment as principal of the new school is effective January 1, 2003.
          -- Bill Kruskamp, currently associate principal of Shiloh HS, will be the new principal of Shiloh HS. He will assume his new duties January 1, 2003.
          -- Donna Scott, assistant principal at J.E. Richards MS, will become the principal of the Gwinnett InterVention Education (GIVE) Center. She will assume the post vacated by Steve Bennett, recently named to a central office post.
          Information on other leadership appointments approved by the Board is found below.

          School Board Recognizes Outstanding Latin Teacher and Receives Commendation
          -- School Board members honored Robert Burgess of Collins Hill HS on being named the Georgia Classical Association's Latin Teacher of the Year. Principal Coley Krug praised Mr. Burgess, who has taught at Collins Hill HS for two years, for his many accomplishments and the accomplishments of his students. Mr. Krug described Mr. Burgess as "an exceptional teacher." Mr. Krug informed the Board that he is sure that as Mr. Burgess moves to an administrative role next year he will have as positive effect on teachers as he has in the past on students.
          -- The Gwinnett County Board of Education (GCBOE) received a commendation from the Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA), the National School Boards Association, and the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners for its compliance with GSBA's "Standards for Local Boards of Education." These standards cover the following: measurement and accountability, vision and philosophy, organization, board operations, personnel, board and staff relations, and board development. During his presentation to the Board, Dr. Charles Buchanan, senior executive director to the superintendent, shared the inscription from the plaque presented by GSBA and read a resolution of recognition from the county commission commending the School Board for its efforts.

          Citizens and Groups Addressing the Board
          Chris Brown
          Fabiola Armitage
          Nina and Masha Malikina
          Leah dee Kilgore
          Sara Nerenbaum
          Daniel Hwang
          Dan Bryl
          Vicki Dickson

          School Board Approves EMTEC as Single Source Provider for Installation of Hardware and Software
          The Board of Education named EMTEC as a "single-source" provider for the installation of the numerous pieces of hardware and software purchased by the school system. EMTEC currently installs most of the computer equipment in Gwinnett schools, possessing a valuable knowledge of the school system, its computer labs and stand-alone computer configurations.

          The School Board adopted the following policy revisions, which had been tabled since its May 9, 2002, meeting:
          --Policy JBCF - Admission--Gwinnett Technical College-- Adopted changes to this policy included changing the name of the policy from “Admission--Gwinnett Technical Institute” to “Admission--Gwinnett Technical College.”
          --Policy JBD - Attendance-- Adopted changes to this policy reflect current practice.
          --Policy JBFB - Work-Based Learning-- Changes to this policy comply with current State Board rules and change the name from “Educational Release” to “Work-Based Learning.”
          --Policy JCAAA - Title I, Parent Involvement-- Approved changes to this policy comply with current practice and federal and state law.
          --Policy JGFAA - Eye Protection-- Changes to this policy change the terminology from “vocational, industrial arts” to “trades/industrials, technology education” as referenced in State Board rules.
          --Policy JR - Student Records-- Adopted changes to this policy comply with current practice and include a paragraph concerning “Directory Information.”
          The Board voted to rescind the following policies, which had been tabled since its May meeting:
          --Policy JAA - Equal Opportunities-- This information is already included in Policy GAAA entitled Equal Opportunity.
          --Policy JK - Solicitation-- The information contained in this policy has been incorporated into a procedure, with the title changing from “Solicitation” to “Fund Raising.”
          --Policy JKA - Concession Rights-- The information contained in this policy will be incorporated into a procedure.

          Board members voted to table the following policies until the July 11 Board Meeting:
          -- Policy G - Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities-- Staff is recommending the creation of this new policy under the “Personnel” section to address employees with disabilities.
          -- Policy JC - Sexual Harassment/Discrimination (Students)-- Staff is recommending the creation of this new policy to comply with current practice and state law. Some of the information previously contained in Policy JC “Grievance/Appeal Procedures,” which is being rescinded, was incorporated into this new policy.
          -- Policy JCAC - Accommodations for Students with Disabilities-- Staff is recommending proposed changes to this policy to comply with current practice and to change the name from “Section 504 Policy” to “Accommodations for Students with Disabilities.”
          -- Policy KJ - Advertising in Schools-- Staff is recommending minor changes to this policy to comply with current practice and to include information contained in Policy KIA “Distribution of Political Campaign Materials.”
          The following policies are recommended to be rescinded:
          -- Policy JC - Grievance/Appeal Procedures-- Information contained in this policy will be split into policies and procedures that focus on student complaints and employee complaints separately.
          -- Policies JCB - Safe Schools Discipline Policy, JCDAB - First Offenders--Rule 7 Discipline Policy, JCDB - Student Dress Code Discipline Policy, JCDBA - Electronic Pagers, JD - Student Discipline, JDA - Corporal Punishment, and JH - Student Activities--
          Information contained in these policies is being incorporated into Policy JCD “Student Discipline and Conduct Behavior Code.”
          -- Policy KEBA - Concession Rights-- This policy is a duplicate of Policy JKA “Concession Rights,” which is recommended to be rescinded at the June 20 Board meeting.
          -- Policy KIA - Distribution of Political Campaign Materials-- Staff is recommending the information contained in this policy be incorporated into Policy KJ “Advertising in Schools.”

          Radloff to Attend Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful Meeting
          The Board approved a travel request for District V School Board Representative Louise Radloff to attend a meeting of Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful's board of directors. The meeting, which will address environmental education, will be held in Amicalola Falls, GA.

          A complete listing of leadership appointments approved at the meeting on June 20, 2002, include:

          Name-- Current Position


          Dr. Donald Fielder-- President, Geronimo Consulting Group, Larkspur, Colo.

          Associate Superintendent, Educational Leadership

          Dr. James (Jim) Kahrs-- Principal, Shiloh HS

          Principal, Peachtree Ridge HS

          William (Bill) Kruskamp-- Assistant Principal, Shiloh HS

          Principal, Shiloh HS

          Donna Scott-- Assistant Principal, J.E. Richards MS

          Principal, Gwinnett InterVention Educational (GIVE) Center

          Mike Watkins-- Assistant Principal, Duluth HS

          Community School Director, Dacula HS

          Georgann Eaton-- Assistant Principal, Pinckneyville MS

          Assistant Principal on Special Assignment for Data Reporting, Organizational Advancement

          Paul Johnson-- Counselor, Phoenix HS

          Teacher on Special Assignment for Organizational Advancement

          Dr. Lea Arnau-- Community School Director, Shiloh HS

          Coordinator of Teacher and Staff Development, Organizational Advancement

          Dr. Larry Ziegler-- Assistant Director of Student Services and Intervention

          Director, Student Services and Intervention, Educational Leadership

          Denise Forbes-- Teacher, Jackson ES

          Assistant Principal, Susan Stripling ES

          Betty Ann Schoeneck-- Administrative Assistant, W.C. Britt ES

          Assistant Principal, W.C. Britt ES

          Debbie Bush-- Teacher, Chattahoochee ES

          Assistant Principal, Chattahoochee ES

          Elsie Lewis-- Support Teacher, Department of Special Education and Psychological Services

          Assistant Principal, Nesbit ES

          Eric Carlyle-- Assistant Principal, Moore ES, Griffin-Spalding County Schools

          Assistant Principal, Simonton ES

          Phillip Meadors-- Administrative Assistant, J.E. Richards MS

          Assistant Principal, J.E. Richards MS

          Veronica Lawrence Johnson-- Principal, Jasper County MS, Jasper County Schools

          Assistant Principal, J.E. Richards MS

          Staughton Jennings-- Administrative Assistant, Garrett MS, Cobb County Schools

          Assistant Principal, Pinckneyville MS

          John Power-- Administrative Assistant, Norcross HS

          Assistant Principal, Norcross HS

          Terri Adkins-- Administrative Assistant, Collins Hill HS

          Assistant Principal, Collins Hill HS

          Loretta Denmark-- Teacher, J.C. Magill ES

          Administrative Assistant, Fort Daniel ES

          Julie Peyton-- Counselor, Shiloh ES

          Administrative Assistant, Jackson ES

          Stephanie Stewart-- Teacher, Simonton ES

          Administrative Assistant, Rebecca Minor ES

          Debra Giles-- Teacher, Rebecca Minor ES

          Administrative Assistant, Susan Stripling ES

          Florence Huard-- Teacher, Craig ES

          Administrative Assistant, Camp Creek ES

          Steven Frandsen-- Teacher, South Gwinnett HS

          Administrative Assistant, Nesbit ES

          Kerensa Wing-- Teacher, Collins Hill HS

          Administrative Assistant, Collins Hill HS

          Robert Burgess-- Teacher, Collins Hill HS

          Administrative Assistant, Collins Hill HS

          Kay Sands-- Teacher, Five Forks MS

          Administrative Assistant, Trickum MS

          Tom Trippany-- Assistant Principal, Midvale ES, DeKalb County Schools

          Administrative Assistant (half-time), Centerville ES

          Rachel Mariano-- Independent Diversity Management Facilitator

          Student Activities Coordinator, Gwinnett Technical College

          John Schmeelk-- Instructor, Gwinnett College of Business

          Director of Human Resources, Organization and Customer Development, Gwinnett Technical College

          Kenneth Volkmer-- Manufacturing Manager, Southern Packaging Machinery (Lawrenceville)

          Field Engineer, Facilities and Operations

          William Harris-- Technical Services Manager, Support Services Dept., Fleet Management Div., Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners,

          Assistant Director of Fleet and Grounds Maintenance, Facilities and Operations

          Thomas Daymude-- Field Engineer, Facilities and Operations

          Director of Administrative Information Systems Project Team, Business and Finance