GCPS Board Meeting Summary for June 19, 2003

          The following are highlights of the June 19, 2003, meeting of the Gwinnett County Board of Education. The official minutes of the meeting will be approved by the Board at its next monthly meeting.

          The Gwinnett County Board of Education recognizes students and educators at its June meeting:
          -- For the past few years, Gwinnett County Public Schools has worked with the Visiting International Faculty (VIF) program in a staffing effort that brings qualified teachers to Gwinnett from other countries. In her presentation to the School Board, Mary Jesse of VIF shared some of the program's successes in Gwinnett County, saying VIF participants have been welcomed and given the opportunity to teach and share information about their cultures with students. Because of its efforts with the VIF program, GCPS was recognized as the organization's School District of the Year. In addition, Lilburn ES was acknowledged as VIF's Georgia School of the Year. Honors also went to Human Resources Director Diana Baird, who was recognized by VIF for providing outstanding support and going beyond the call of duty. During the 2002-03 school year, GCPS hosted 43 VIF faculty members from 10 different countries. This coming year that number will rise to 50 teachers from 13 different countries.

          -- GCPS Science Coordinator Barbara Reid began the evening's student recognitions by honoring the 2003 Georgia Science and Engineering Fair winners from Collins Hill HS. Senior Bryan Christian won the grand prize in physical science. In recognizing alternate grand prize winners, the Board commended Albert von Deutsch and the team effort of Katie DeLuise and Ashley Hundsdorfer. Assistant Principal Craig Hanson recognized the students' efforts and thanked the school's Science Department Chairs Gayle Adkinson and Rose Mitchell for their leadership.

          -- Berkmar HS Principal Jim Markham proudly introduced his school’s state championship Academic Decathlon team. Coach IV Bray lauded his team’s successes at the state and in the national competition. The team-- comprised of students Patrick Bailey, Jon Dees, Patrick Harazin, Stephen Israel, Ashiq Lakhani, Lively Lie, Catharine Luo, Kevin Tan and Neeraj Verma-- earned honors at the national competition as “Best Rookie Team.”

          -- Science accolades continued, as the Board honored Science Olympiad teams from Parkview and Meadowcreek high schools on their 1st and 2nd place state finishes. Parkview HS' state championship team was introduced by Principal Dale Robbins and Coach Phil Heier. Parkview’s team, which finished 22nd in national competition, is comprised of members Madalasa Bista, Andrew Chi, Zaki Dost Mohamed, Michael Levengood, Andrew McDowell, Michael Meeks, Ana Posada, Purvi Sheth, Sherri Sheu, Kenter Wu, and Lane Zhang. In his remarks, Mr. Heier thanked Assistant Coach Susan Parker and Parent volunteer Coach Dr. Dave McDowell.
          Meadowcreek HS Principal Dr. Angela Pringle introduced her school’s award-winning team to School Board members. Meadowcreek team members are Nichole Bradshaw, Chris Goins, Michelle Gooden, Shinjinee Pathak, Elisa Savan, Shali Shah, Catherine Silvestri, and Tan Vo. Dr. Pringle commended the team on its 2nd place state finish and 25th finish in the nation. In commending the efforts of the students, teachers, and parents involved, she shared that the team's first trip to nationals resulted in several students finishing in the top 10 of individual events.
          The Technical Education Program honored 62 students who placed 1st or 2nd in statewide events in the areas of Business, Computer Science, Family and Consumer Science, Marketing, and Technology Education.
          Students recognized by the Future Business Leaders of America included:
          Brookwood HS— Kyle Poineal, 1st place- Computer Programming/JAVA, and Bryan Parry, 2nd place- Network Concepts
          Collins Hill HS— William Ma, 1st place- Business Math
          Dacula HS— Max Perkins, 2nd place- C++ Computer Programming
          Duluth HS— Stacey Greenwald, 1st place, CBE Student of the Year
          Norcross HS— Scott Gilliland and Kevin Davis, 2nd place- Network Team Design
          Shiloh HS— Ming-Yee-Lin, 1st place- Business Calculations
          South Gwinnett HS— J.R. Westbrook, 1st place- Visual Basic Computer Programming
          Students honored in Family and Consumer Science:
          North Gwinnett HS-- Jody Traina and Jessica Swiecki, 2nd place- Focus on Children
          The DECA Program honored the following marketing students:
          Brookwood HS— Claudel Jallah 1st place- Business and Marketing Foundations
          Collins Hill HS— Komal Parikh, 1st place- Marketing Decision Making, and Laurie Markle, top 10 in nation- Apparel and Accessories
          Duluth HS— Casey Giessen, 1st place- Georgia DECA Pin Contest, and Sam Patel, 2nd place- Marketing Management
          North Gwinnett HS— Elizabeth Hanft and Lauren Anderson, 1st place in state and top 20 in nation- Hospitality Services Management Team Decision-Making Event; Alex Coso and Justin Busby, 1st place in state and top 20 in nation- E-Commerce Management Team Decision-Making Event; Ashley Williamson, Lauren Anderson, and Elizabeth Hanft, 1st place- Community Service Project Team; Dale Kelly and Emily Lantz, 1st place in state and top 20 in nation- Advertising Campaign Event, Stephen Arnold, 1st place- Technical Marketing Representative; Lauren Anderson, 1st place in state- The Betty Bass Scholarship winner; Dana Tanner, 2nd place- Civic Consciousness Project; Dale Kelly and Emily Lantz, 2nd place in state and top 20 in nation- Civic Consciousness Project; Tiffani Tucker, 2nd place in state and top 20 in nation- Business and Financial Services Marketing Research Event; Courtney Kempshall, 2nd place in state- Business and Financial Services Marketing Research Event, and Elise Tanner, 2nd place in state- Marketing Spelling and Vocabulary
          Parkview HS— Brian Spruell, 1st place in state and top 20 in nation- Full Service Restaurant Management; and Jeremy Raymond, 2nd place in state and top 20 in nation- Food Marketing/Management Level
          Shiloh HS— Michael Riccio, 1st place in state and top 20 in nation- Retail Merchandising/Management Level
          South Gwinnett HS— Sumaiya Uddin, 1st place in state- Business Speech; and Amanda Williams, 2nd place in state- Food Marketing
          The following Maxwell HS of Technology students were honored through Skills USA-VICA, a national technical and training program:
          Nikki Peters, 1st place- Criminal Justice; Hadasa Vazquez, 1st place- Nail Care; Lance Warner, 1st place- Commercial Art; Rebecca Rivera, 1st place- Basic Health Care Skills; and Ruth Cranor, 2nd place- Cosmetology.
          Students recognized by the Technology Student Association:
          Norcross HS— Logan Duke, 1st place- Technical Sketching and Application; and Michael Fallaize and Scott Gilliland, 2nd place- Radio-Controlled Transportation Team Parkview HS— Steven Dunlop and Matt Williams, 1st place- Structural Engineering Team; Shantanu Talapatra, 1st place- Flight Endurance; Erik Webb and Shantanu Talapatra, 2nd place- Cyberspace Pursuit Team; Adam Caruthers, 2nd place- CAD 2-D Architectural; Alex Ruderman, 2nd place- CAD 3-D Engineering; Matt Williams and Jim Fidero, 2nd place- Architectural Model Team; Lesly Thomas, 2nd place- Prepared Presentation; Steven Dunlop, 2nd place- Technical Sketching and Application; and Erik Webb, Steven Dunlop, and Charlie McCoy, 2nd place- Technology Bowl Team
          South Gwinnett HS— Cole Dobson, 1st place- CAD 3-D Engineering; Tyler Graff and Tommy Aho, 2nd place- Computer System Troubleshooting Team; and Tyler Graff, Jonathan Townley, Tommy Aho, Geoff Sosebee, and Cole Dobson, 2nd place- Electronic Research and Experimentation Team.

          -- June Sweat, GCPS director of technical education, introduced Terry Cotton, a Parkview HS technical education teacher, who received the state's “Tommy Pitchford Inspirational Teacher Award.” The award is presented annually by the Georgia Technology Student Association in special recognition of an outstanding Technology Education teacher who is a role model in the classroom and an exemplary advisor to the students within the Technology Student Association. Ms. Sweat said of the recognition, “We are proud of Terry’s focus on learning for his students and of his desire to see them accomplish high-level projects. This recognition by his peers speaks well of his efforts.” In his remarks, Mr. Cotton thanked the members of the Board of Education and the school system for the support of the technical education program and the opportunities it provides for students to succeed.

          --Chief Human Resources Officer Dr. Frances Davis introduced a new scholarship program for Gwinnett students-- the 2003 Atlanta Toyota Recognizes Excellence Scholarship-- and its first class of scholarship recipients. The 15 high school student winners-- one from each Gwinnett high school-- submitted applications and essays, along with the names of the teachers that inspired them to achieve. The students each received $2,000 scholarships, and their "Inspiring Teachers" were awarded $1,000 each. Student and teacher honorees in the 2003 Atlanta Toyota Recognizes Excellence Scholarship Program include: Berkmar HS— Allison Craft and Inspiring Teacher Alicia Webb; Brookwood HS— Ji N. Jang and Inspiring Teacher Patricia Nance; Central Gwinnett HS— Emily T. Sedgley and Inspiring Teacher Melanie McLocklin; Collins Hill HS— Brandi Williams and Inspiring Teacher Shirley Debellis; Dacula HS— Ashley D. Kolb and Inspiring Teacher Lesley Buchanan; Duluth HS— Jessica Curry and Inspiring Teacher James B. Reason; Grayson HS— Melissa McLane and Inspiring Teacher Rita Wilhoite; Maxwell HS— Brandon Glover and Inspiring Teacher Dr. Davis Ocran Sr. of Parkview HS; Meadowcreek HS— Ellina Feldman and Inspiring Teacher Steve Thompson; Norcross HS— Amit Momaya and Inspiring Teacher Casey Weeks; North Gwinnett HS— Jonathon Ussery and Inspiring Teacher Gregory Marr; Parkview HS— Joshua Bull and Inspiring Teacher Don McChesney; Phoenix HS— Cassidy Selzer and Inspiring Teacher Rhonda Iler; Shiloh HS— Lauren Fraser and Inspiring Teacher Stephen Dartt; and South Gwinnett HS— Francesca Seta and Inspiring Teacher Donna Rothell.
          Human Resources Director Kelly Herndon shared that photographs of the scholarship winners will appear on a billboard. Ms. Herndon also thanked Atlanta Toyota General Manager Bruce Dunker for his investment in Gwinnett County Public Schools, presenting him with an "Above and Beyond Award" for his outstanding support of the school district.
          Board approves recommendations of the Sycamore ES Ad Hoc Committee
          Over the past month, the Sycamore Ad Hoc Monitoring Committee has met on three occasions at Sycamore ES (May 8, May 22, and June 17). The committee is chaired by Andrew Pourchier, CFO of First Bank of the South, and was served by seven other members representing community leaders, area residents, parents, and teachers. At its last meeting on June 17, the committee approved a final report of its recommendations for the implementation of the methane monitoring system at Sycamore ES. Their recommendations, which were presented to the Gwinnett County Board of Education, include:
          1) The methane monitoring system originally recommended by SCS Engineers be installed and include six detectors and one centralized control panel.
          2) The methane monitoring system should be operated, maintained, tested, and calibrated consistent with the engineers' recommendations.
          3) The contingency plan recommended by the engineers be implemented including complete record-keeping on any incidents that may occur (i.e. an activation of the alert or alarm system).
          4) A training program be implemented so that school personnel are knowledgeable on the operation, maintenance, testing, and calibration of the system and that a record of all such training be maintained at the school.
          5) Training of the principal and staff shall be conducted immediately as they begin work at the school. Such training shall be confirmed by Chairman Pourchier in late July 2003.
          6) Beginning in August 2004, GCPS environmental engineering staff shall conduct an annual review of Georgia Environmental Protection Division files in regards to the two landfills to determine whether any change has developed that would have an environmental impact to Sycamore ES.
          7) After formation of the Local School Council at Sycamore ES in August 2003, a standing subcommittee will be formed which will be responsible for activities after dissolution of the ad hoc committee. These activities will entail ongoing scrutiny of operations, maintenance, testing, calibration, training, and incidents for the methane monitoring system over the prior year. They also will receive the report on potential environmental changes with the two landfills beginning August 2004.
          The School Board unanimously approved the recommendations of the Sycamore ad hoc committee.

          Gwinnett English telecourse successfully provides service to community and will continue
          Greg Lahatte, director of Broadcast and Distance Learning, provided an update on the school system's 10-week English-language proficiency telecourse, “English, Yes I Can.” The program, a joint effort with Gwinnett Technical College, sought to increase language ability of parents so they could communicate effectively with the school system, enabling them to participate more fully in their childrens' education. According to Mr. LaHatte, the response to the program was overwhelming. Calls from teachers, administrators, and community members expressed appreciation and support for the program. Of the 16 students officially enrolled in the telecourse, all but two passed the course requirements. Mr. LaHatte also shared plans to move ahead to produce a higher level course and to produce videotapes of the course that ran this past spring to schools and community groups.

          Board of Regents report provides information on Gwinnett Class of 2000
          GCPS graduates in 2000 fared well in college according to a report provided by the Board of Regents on the performance of high school graduates during their first year of enrollment in the University System of Georgia. Dr. Cindy Loe, associate Superintendent for Organizational Advancement, reviewed key points from the report including:
          - 2,946 Gwinnett students enrolled in University System of Georgia colleges or universities in 2000-01, with approximately 1,100 of them attending research universities.
          - GCPS had a University System of Georgia college-going rate of 50 percent, compared to a state rate of 35 percent.
          - 2,333 Gwinnett students received a HOPE scholarship at a University System of Georgia institution.

          School Board continues review of policies
          Having been tabled since the May 8, 2003, Board of Education meeting, the Board approved the following policy changes:
          Policy AFC - Emergency Closings-- The Descriptor Code has been changed from CB under Section entitled “General School Administration” to AFC under section entitled “School District” and the name of the policy was changed from “Closings Due to Weather/Emergency” to “Emergency Closings.”
          Policy BD - Policy Development-- Changes to this policy included information previously contained in Policies BDD (Board Policy Dissemination), BDE (Review of Board Policy) and BDG (Policy Absence).
          Policy BE - School Board Records-- The Descriptor Code changed from CN under Section entitled “General School Administration” to BE under Section entitled “School Board Operations” and the name of the policy was changed from “Records Management” to “School Board Records.” In addition deletions to the policy were approved to comply with current practice and state law.
          Policy GAAA - Equal Opportunity-- Approved changes to this policy comply with current practice and to include information previously contained in Policy G “Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities.”
          Policy GAC - Staff Involvement in Decision Making-- The Descriptor Code has been changed from BBC under Section entitled “School Board Operations” to GAC under Section entitled “Personnel” and the name of the policy was changed from “Board Committees” to “Staff Involvement in Decision Making.” The changes to the policy comply with current practice and state law.
          Policy GAEB - Sexual Harassment/Discrimination (Employees)-- The Descriptor Code was changed from GA to GAEB.
          Policy GBAB - Pay for Performance-- The Descriptor Code was changed from DHA under Section entitled “Fiscal Management” to GBAB under Section entitled “Personnel.”
          Policy JCDA - Mandatory Reporting of Student Crimes-- Minor changes were approved to reflect current practice.
          Policy JDF - School Admission of Suspended or Expelled Students-- Minor changes were approved to reflect current practice.

          The following policies were rescinded as provisions of these policies were incorporated into other policies:
          Policy BBC - Board Committees, Policy BDD - Board Policy Dissemination, Policy BDE - Review of Board Policy, Policy BDG - Policy Absence, Policy CB - Closings Due to Weather/Emergency, Policy CN - Records Management, Policy DHA - Pay for Performance, Policy G - Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities, and Policy GA - Sexual Harassment/Discrimination (Employees).

          Staff is recommending the following proposed policies be placed on the table until the July 10 Board meeting:
          Policy GAD - Professional Development Opportunities-- Staff if recommending minor changes to this policy to reflect current practice.
          Policy GAE – Complaints and Grievances-- Staff is recommending changes to this policy to reflect current practice.

          Citizens address the Board of Education
          - Adam Nerenbaum
          - Heather Koffman
          - Cindi Wilson

          The School Board approved the following appointments at the June 19 Board Meeting.

          Name-- Current Position
          New Position
          Marlece Bettis-- Health and PE Teacher, R.L. Norton ESAssistant Principal, R.L. Norton ES
          Willie Jo Carter-- EIP Reading Teacher, Lawrenceville ESAssistant Principal, Lawrenceville ES
          Lawanna Caudle-- 5th Grade Teacher, Bethesda ESAssistant Principal, Lawrenceville ES
          Tarsha Chambers-- Administrative Assistant, Tupelo (Miss.) School DistrictAssistant Principal, Snellville MS
          Mary Lou Enright-- 2nd Grade Teacher, Craig ESAssistant Principal, Sugar Hill ES
          Jorge Gomez-- Assistant Principal, Broward County, Fla.Assistant Principal, Lilburn MS
          Cassandra Grizzard-- Reading Recovery Teacher, R.L. Norton ESAssistant Principal, R.L. Norton ES
          Helen Mayfield-- Half-time Assistant Principal/ Half-time Administrative Assistant, Cedar Hill ESAssistant Principal, Cedar Hill ES
          Sheila McCain-- Science Teacher, Lanier MSAssistant Principal, Dacula MS
          Teresa Siebenbruner-- Half-time Administrative Assistant /Half-time Assistant Principal, North Gwinnett HSAssistant Principal, North Gwinnett HS
          Stephanie Stewart-- Administrative Assistant, Rebecca Minor ESAssistant Principal, J.G. Dyer ES
          Doug Ward-- Principal, Dayton (Ohio) AcademyAssistant Principal, Nesbit ES
          Jon Weyher-- Mathematics Teacher, Snellville MSAssistant Principal, Dacula MS
          Robert Burgess-- Administrative Assistant, Collins Hill HSHalf-time Administrative Assistant /Half-time Assistant Principal, Collins Hill HS
          Eve Hunter-- Administrative Assistant, Norcross ESHalf-time Administrative Assistant /Half-time Assistant Principal, Norcross ES
          Dr. Howard Gene Taylor-- Administrative Assistant, Peachtree Ridge HSHalf-time Administrative Assistant /Half-time Assistant Principal, North Gwinnett HS
          Matthew Waymack-- Administrative Assistant, Collins Hill HSHalf-time Administrative Assistant /Half-time Assistant Principal, Collins Hill HS
          Kerensa Wing-- Administrative Assistant, Collins Hill HSHalf-time Administrative Assistant/ Half-time Assistant Principal, Collins Hill HS
          Stephanie Cortellino-- Reading Recovery Teacher, Centerville ESAdministrative Assistant, Pharr ES
          Jeff Hall-- Business Education Teacher, Shiloh HSAdministrative Assistant, Shiloh HS
          Leslie Jaslow-- 8th Grade Teacher, Summerour MSAdministrative Assistant, Beaver Ridge ES
          Terry May-- Social Studies Teacher, Duluth HSAdministrative Assistant, Dacula HS
          Anna Rinaldi-- Foreign Language Teacher, Dacula HSAdministrative Assistant, Dacula HS
          Valerie Robinett-- Social Studies Teacher, Parkview HSAdministrative Assistant, Duluth HS
          Steven Edwards-- English Teacher, Central HS, Brooksville, Fla.Half-time Administrative Assistant/ Half-time Teacher, Sweetwater MS
          James Parrish-- Social Studies Teacher, Meadowcreek HSHalf-time Administrative Assistant/ Half-time Teacher, Peachtree Ridge HS
          Georgia Tomlin-- Language Arts Teacher, Brookwood HSHalf-time Administrative Assistant/ Half-time Teacher, Peachtree Ridge HS
          Sandra Williams-- 2nd Grade Teacher, Arcado ESHalf-time Administrative Assistant/ Half-time 2nd Grade Teacher, Arcado ES
          Wilma Jean Fagan-- Position Control Coordinator, DeKalb County School SystemAssistant Director, CPI and Certification, Human Resources
          David McCulloch-- Vice President of Enrollment Management, National-Louis University, Chicago, Ill.Vice President for Student Services, Gwinnett Technical College
          Priscilla Smith-- Director, Scott County (Iowa) Decategorization ProgramProgram Director, Early Childhood Care and Education, Gwinnett Technical College

          In addition, the following organizational changes involving existing positions were presented to Board members for their information:

          Name-- Current Position
          New Position
          Kenneth Martin, Jr.-- Assistant Principal, Creekland MSAssistant Principal, Lanier MS
          Donna Powers-- Assistant Principal, North Gwinnett HSAssistant Principal, Maxwell HS of Technology
          Matthew Turner-- 11-Month School Psychologist12-Month School Psychologist