GCPS Board Meeting Summary for October 13, 2005

The following are highlights of the October 13, 2005, meeting of the Gwinnett County Board of Education. The official minutes of the meeting will be approved by the Board at its next monthly meeting.

Board recognizes Duluth HS student on national award
-- The Gwinnett County Board of Education honored Mike Emery of Norcross HS on being named 2004-05 AAAAA State Athletic Director of the Year. In introducing Mr. Emery, Norcross HS Principal Mary Anne Charron said she is honored to work with a professional of his caliber. "He earned this huge honor," she said, "because he has kids at heart in everything he does. I have never worked with anyone as motivated to do the right thing for students. He motivates us all." Accompanying Mr. Emery were his wife, Terri, who teaches at Simpson ES, their children, and Mr. Emery's father.
-- Arcado ES' Future Problem Solving Team was recognized for its 3rd place finish internationally in the Junior Division-Health Category for the team's Project EXERCISE (Exercise Extra Everytime Recess Comes Is Super for Everyone). The Future Problem Solving Program involves more than 250,000 students annually from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Malaysia, and Russia. Community Problem Solving is a division of the program that requires students to tackle problems within their own school or community. The Arcado team identified their problem to solve as the lack of space for outside time during construction of a new gym. The Arcado students met with their principal to discuss ways they could help improve the playground. The FPS EXERCISE Team arranged basketball and kickball tournaments for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, developed an anti-litter campaign, painted new games on the existing blacktop, broadcasted weekly exercise advertisements on the school's closed-circuit TV system, and sponsored the school's 2nd annual jump rope Jumpathon.
GCPS' Gifted Education Program Director, Dr. Annette Eger, said calling Arcado ES teacher Kathy Dean "good" was inadequate. "She is one of the most accomplished teachers I have ever met," she explained. Principal Joe Ahrens expressed his pride in Ms. Dean's leadership and his students' initiative and determination. Team members include Javier Aguilar, Urvashi Betarbet, Kirstin Boe, Asaada Corley, Conor Flynn, Lindsay Foster, Jenna Freeman, Nathan Jones, Raeann Kane, Allison Litchfield, Lisa Liu, Rohan Mahadevia, Connor McDonald, Naveed Mitha, Kevin Nguyen, Nathan Nguyen, Morrison Nolan, Krisna Patel, Casey Staggs, Jamila Surpris, Jessica Tasse, Hannah Tippetts, Sam Trent, Larry Veal, Hannah Watkins, Angel Wong, and Patrick Wu.
-- J.P. McConnell MS was honored for its continued success in the National Council of Teachers of English Promising Young Writers competition. School Board members applauded the efforts of three students-- Rachel French, Sayler Hasty, and Lindsay Howard, all of whom are now freshmen at Grayson HS. Assistant Principal Debby Klug explained that Georgia had four winners in this national competition, three of whom came from McConnell. She introduced Jan Eakin, who taught all three students, commending her ability to instill in students a love for the written word. Ms. Eakin refused to take credit for her students' success saying, "They are very talented and I am sure I will see their names in lights one day."
-- The Board also honored J.P. McConnell MS on its selection as one of 20 "Schools of Distinction for Academic Achievement and Innovation." McConnell received a $10,000 cash grant and $200,000 in software and hardware, and will serve as an exemplary model for success in the area of literacy achievement. Principal Dan Hicks provided a review of their recent trip to Washington D.C., where he and school and system leaders were honored. Mr. Hicks spoke of the community support and collaborative spirit that has helped the school's literacy efforts. He specifically thanked Osborne MS Principal John Campbell (formerly at McConnell MS) and former assistant principal Nancy Lyle. McConnell team members recognized at the meeting included teachers Shannon Penick, Dennis Turnham, Jan Eakin, Angela Thurman, and Susan Demos and administrators Dan Hicks, Clent Chatham, Clay Hunter, Debby Klug, and Devon Williams.
-- Gwinnett County's 2005 Relay for Life was the nation's largest, raising more than $2.2 million. School system teams were responsible for half of that amount, $1,037,284. School Board members recognized 36 GCPS teams that raised $10,000 or more in the 2005 Relay for Life event. Honored teams and the amounts each team raised include: Norcross HS- $60,300.23; Collins Hill HS 1- $41,206.06; GCPS Transportation 1- $33,622.06; Shiloh MS 1- $34,743.75; Chattahoochee ES 1- $31,414.79; J.P. McConnell MS- $28,008.31; Grayson HS- $26,917.38; Lanier MS 2- $26,905.69; Duncan Creek ES 1- $22,066.42; Jackson ES- $19,620.50; Five Forks MS- $17,475.13; Rebecca Minor ES 1- $17,027.53; Harbins ES 1- $16,714.91; R.D. Head ES 1- $16,193.06; Cedar Hill ES 1- $16,034.46; Simpson ES- $15,698.50; Central Gwinnett HS 1- $15,596; Sugar Hill ES- $15,475.78; Riverside ES- $14,505.43; Brookwood HS 2- $14,298.18; Rock Springs ES- $13,989.06; Dacula ES- $13,801.77; Dacula HS 1- $13,065.94; Peachtree Ridge HS 1- $12,898.14; Dr. M.H. Mason Jr. ES- $12,393.25; Shiloh HS A-Team- $12,293.01; Simonton ES- $12,124.72; GCPS Service Center Piglets- $12,090.98; Fort Daniel ES- $11,714.07; Trickum MS 1- $10,983.34; Alton C. Crews MS 1- $10,877.11; Duluth MS 1- $10,867.48; Shiloh ES 1- $10,854.70; Stripling ES- $10,684.40; GCPS Lawrenceville West CDs- $10,292; and Gwin Oaks ES 1- $10,250.17.

School system designates additional snow make-up day
The 2005-06 Gwinnett County Public Schools calendar, set in May 2003, included three designated snow make-up days. In September, school was cancelled for two days to comply with a request from Gov. Sonny Perdue. Students and teachers will make up the two school days missed using the designated Snow Make-Up Days Priority 1 and 2 (February 20 and March 13). This leaves the original calendar with only one other scheduled "make-up" day. With the uncertainty of winter weather, the school system felt it prudent to add another snow make-up day. April 14, which was originally scheduled as a student/teacher holiday, will become Snow Make-Up Day Priority 3, if needed. May 25-- originally scheduled as a post-planning/staff development day and designated as Snow Make-up Day Priority 3-- will now serve as the fourth make-up day should it be needed.
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