GCPS Board Meeting Summary for May 13, 1999

          FY2000 Budget Approved
          Board members approved the fiscal 1999-2000 budget in the amount of $885,517,530 as presented by the Superintendent and tentatively adopted on April 22. This adoption of the FY2000 budget is being made without setting the maintenance and operations, and debt service millage rates. The millage rates are expected to be set at the Board's next regular meeting on June 10.

          Board Recognizes Students, Employees, and Schools
          The following individuals, groups, and schools were presented for Board recognition:
          • Sherry Abts of Magill Elementary- Carolyn Crayton Woman of the Year, Georgia Department of Community Affairs
          • Carolyn Heckert of Hull Middle- Georgia Science Teachers' Association Middle School Science Teacher of the Year
          • Beaver Ridge Elementary- Georgia Title I Distinguished School
          • Bobby Guarnella of Brookwood High- Georgia Latin Teacher of the Year
          • Gary Petmecky of Parkview High- High School Economics Teacher of the Year
          • David Wu, Lilburn Middle student who earned a perfect score in the Word Masters Challenge
          • Marilyn Walker- honored for her service as 1998-99 Gwinnett PTA Council Co-President
          • Trickum and Shiloh middle schools- finalists in the first-ever Environmental Bowl sponsored by Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful
          • Opportunity Services Cross-Functional Action Team- members were formally acknowledged for service on the quality action team

            School Board Approves Meadowcreek High Request for Funds
            The Board approved Meadowcreek High's request for the use of $10,000 from the school district's stadium maintenance matching funds account. The matching funds are awarded from monies generated by a 25-cent surcharge on football tickets sold. One half of these funds are designated for stadium projects and the other half for band uniform purchases. Band uniform matching funds are based on a rotating schedule while the stadium matching funds are based on need as requested.

            Money Allocated for Lilburn Elementary Transferred
            • The Gwinnett County Board of Education approved a recommendation that state funds in the amount of $478,642 earmarked to build 10 classrooms at Lilburn Elementary be transferred to a future FY2002 State Capital Outlay project. Due to a shift in student population, the classrooms are no longer needed at Lilburn Elementary.

              Approval of Consent Agenda Includes Numerous Bids
              Each month, the Gwinnett County Board of Education votes on items in a "Consent Agenda." Routine items of business are grouped together and voted on collectively, rather than item-by-item. School Board members receive information on items in the Consent Agenda a week before the meeting to allow them to review and ask any questions they might have. The May Consent Agenda included: approval of purchase orders, bids on numerous construction projects, architect appointments, sewer and construction easements, right-of-way acquisitions, and Board approval of the system's Five-Year Local Facility Plan that must be sumitted to the State Board of Education.

              Board of Education Continues Work to Update Policies
              • The School Board approved Policy LDAJA, Police Interrogations and Investigations, which outlines provisions for access to students by law enforcement officers, DFACS workers, and officers of the court. This policy was tabled at the last School Board meeting.
              • Two policy revisions were tabled for further input. Changes to Policy JRA, Textbooks/Library Books are proposed in compliance with State Board Policy. It states that students' records will not be withheld because of nonpayment of fees. However, grades, diplomas, or certificates of progress may be withheld until restitution is made. Policy IHB, Homework is recommended to become a procedure instead of policy, and includes wording changes to incorporate "Academic Knowledge and Skills" in references to instructional objectives.

                Board OKs Application for Safe Schools Grant
                Board approval was requested and received for the system to apply for a Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative Grant that would generate $2 million a year for three years, or a total of $6 million, to fund programs and resources related to student safety and well-being.