GCPS Board Meeting Summary for April 12, 2001

          The following are highlights of the April 12, 2001, meeting of the Gwinnett County Board of Education.
          The official minutes of the meeting will be approved by the Board at its next monthly meeting.

          Board Recognizes Students
          • Central Gwinnett HS girls' basketball team recently won the 8AAAA State Championship. Principal Dr. Valerie Clark, Coach Cass Cassell, Assistant Coach Jackie Lindquist, and team members were on hand to receive the Board recognition.
          • Brookwood HS girls' swim team won the 8AAAAA State Championship. Principal Connie Corley, Coach Greg Puckett and Assistant Coach Cindy Schairer introduced team members to the School Board.
          • Parkview HS boys' swim team are the 8AAAAA State Champions. The Board of Education honored the team, Coach Rick Creed, and Principal Dr. Bob Clark.
          • Brookwood High's Scholars Bowl Team recently won the State 8AAAAA Championship at the Georgia Academic Team Tournament. Coach Rick Barry and Principal Connie Corley presented the team members to the Board. Brookwood's Scholars Bowl Team has won nine state championships in 13 years; this year's championship is their sixth in a row. Parkview High's team was honored for its second-place finish in the same competition. Coach Michael Bailey, Assistant Coach Ryan Queen and Principal Dr. Bob Clark, along with the team members, were present for the recognition. Parkview's team also won the Sportsmanship Award for the competition.
          • The following GCPS students were top finishers in the state Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) competitions. These students had outstanding achievement in the "written and performance" events in the areas of Business, Computer Science, and Marketing. Many of them will represent GCPS at the national conference. Recognized by the Board were:
            - Martina Shaw, a Parkview HS sophomore- 2nd place, Introduction to Business
            - Fenil Ghodadra, a Shiloh HS junior- 2nd place, Business Calculations
            - John Blesener, a South Gwinnett HS senior- 1st place, Computer Networking
            - Jason Yancey, a South Gwinnett HS junior- 2nd place, Computer Networking
            - Heather Desimpelaere, a South Gwinnett HS junior- 2nd place, Computer Applications
            - Rebecca Bianchi, a Norcross HS senior- CBE Student of the Year
            - Nicholas Boylan, a Meadowcreek HS sophomore- 2nd place, Economics
            - Lindsay Gober, a North Gwinnett HS senior- 1st place, Marketing Management
            - Jason Whitehurst, a North Gwinnett HS senior- 2nd place, Marketing Math; DECA Publix Scholarship winner
            - Maggie Hunter, a North Gwinnett HS sophomore- 2nd place, Fashion Merchandise Promotion Plan
            - Lindsey Jordan and Courtney Rogers, North Gwinnett HS juniors- 2nd place team, General Marketing Research Event
            - Desiree Delgado, North Gwinnett HS senior, and junior Holly Kent- 2nd place team, Hospitality Service Management Team
            - Kris Andrews, a Shiloh HS senior- 2nd place, Vehicles and Petroleum
            - Alexis Robey, a South Gwinnett HS senior- 1st place, Job Interview.
            Staff members also present included teachers Ruth Burt, Phil Davidson, Nancy Head from South Gwinnett HS; Marcus Bales and Johnette Kamin of Shiloh HS; Tammy Thomas of Parkview HS; Beverly Mayes of Norcross HS; Marilyn Turner of Meadowcreek HS; and Jacqui Huffman of North Gwinnett HS; and principals Bobby Crowson (South Gwinnett), Dr. Jim Kahrs (Shiloh), Dr. Bob Clark (Parkview), Judi Rogers (Norcross); Ronni Ford (Meadowcreek) and Dr. John Green (North Gwinnett).

            Citizens Address the Board
            • Connie Wiggins, executive director of Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful (GC&B), thanked the Gwinnett County Board of Education for its continued partnership with GC&B, now in its 21st year. This partnership will soon graduate its eighth consecutive class with a comprehensive environmental education K-12-- the only system in the nation to do so. Another accomplishment of the partnership is that one out of every three GCPS teachers has received in-depth environmental education staff development within the last 12 months. Over 200 GC&B programs were conducted in Gwinnett schools over the last 12 months, focusing on the school systems' AKS curriculum and reaching over 91,000 students in grades K-12.
            • Barbara Tamplin, a bus monitor and spokesperson for the United School Employees Association (USEA), addressed the Board as a follow-up to the organization's presentations at the February and March meetings. In February, USEA expressed its concern that employees who participate in the Public School Employees Retirement System (PSERS) are adversely affected in regard to their Social Security benefits due to the school system's withdrawal from Social Security in favor of its own Gwinnett Retirement System (GRS). This month, on behalf of USEA, Ms. Tamplin asked that its members be allowed to withdraw from GRS and participate instead in a 403B retirement plan. The organization would like for this option to be in place for USEA members by August 1, 2001. USEA also requests that the Board roll over current GRS funds into the 403B plan for these employees, and that it retain their long-term and short-term disability programs. Superintendent Alvin Wilbanks and the Board said they are sensitive to the USEA members' concerns and that meetings now being held with all bus drivers will also be conducted for custodians and food service workers to help them better understand their retirement options and ways they can maximize their retirement benefits under the current arrangement.

              KPMG LLP to Serve as the School Board's Independent Public Accountant
              Board members confirmed the appointment of KPMG LLP as the School Board's independent public accountant for fiscal years ending June 30, 2001 through 2005. Georgia law requires that boards of education be audited each year by the State of Georgia's Department of Audits (DOA). The DOA permits boards to meet this requirement by contracting with an independent audit firm. All audit reports are filed with the DOA and other parties, as required. KPMG LLP is a large, national CPA firm that served as the School Board's independent accountant for fiscal years 1998 through 1990, and 1996 through 2000.

              April Leadership Appointments
                  Name, Current Position
                  Denise Showell, currently an assistant principal in Cobb County
                  Assistant Principal at Lilburn MS
                  Shawn McCollough, currently an assistant principal in Cobb County
                  Assistant Principal at Lilburn MS
                  Lorriane Sparks, currently a teacher in DeKalb County
                  Assistant Principal at Berkeley Lake ES
                  Teia Hasan, currently an administrative assistant at Norcross HS
                  Assistant Principal at Sweetwater MS
                  Dion Jones, currently a teacher at Lilburn ES
                  Assistant Principal at Craig ES
                  Lisa Johnson, currently a teacher at McKendree ES
                  Assistant Principal at McKendree ES
                  Teresa Siebenbruner, currently a teacher leader at North Gwinnett HS
                  Administrative Assistant at North Gwinnett HS
                  Betty Ann Schoeneck, currently a teacher at W.C. Britt ES
                  Administrative Assistant at W.C. Britt ES
                  Kellye Vanover, currently a teacher leader in Barrow County
                  Administrative Assistant at Dacula MS
                  Mark Walls, currently a Payroll Business Analyst for Spheroid Corporation
                  Coordinator of Data Assessment, Information Management
                  Thomas Travis, currently serving as Dean, Upper Valley Campus and Community Education, Napa Valley College in Napa, California
                  Director of Adult Education, Gwinnett Technical College
                  Michelle McIntire, currently Assistant Director of Admissions/Recruitment Coordinator for the State University of West Georgia
                  Dean of Enrollment Management/Director of Recruitment, Gwinnett Technical College
                  J. Keith Knight, currently Accounting Manager for Georgia State University
                  Director of Internal Audit, Business and Finance