GCPS Board Meeting Summary for August 10, 2000

          The following are highlights of the August 10, 2000, Gwinnett County Board of Education Meeting

          Gateway Retest Results in for Grades 4, 5, 7, and 8; Fewer than 200 Students Eligible for Transition Program
          Final results of the 2000 administration of the Gateway Assessment Program for grades 4, 5, 7, and 8 were released today. Of the more than 30,000 students who took these tests during the 1999-2000 school year, fewer than 200 students were not successful and are eligible for placement in a transition program. The transition program will help these students learn the Academic Knowledge and Skills they have not mastered-- as demonstrated on the Gateway tests-- while they work on the next grade’s curriculum. Each student will have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP), developed by the child’s teachers and parents, which will focus instruction on what the student has not yet learned. The goal of the transition program is to provide students additional opportunities to learn so they should be able to:
          • pass a Gateway retest in the spring of 2001;
          • learn the next grade’s curriculum;
          • pass any Gateway tests at the next grade level; and
          • be promoted the following year so they are back on grade level with their peers.
            Retest Results:
            Students who failed the Gateway test during the school year were given the offered targeted instruction in summer school at no charge. Then they were retested in the subtest area(s) they previously failed. Here’s what we’ve learned from the retests:
            • Results reaffirmed that providing students with more time and additional opportunities to learn has an impact on achievement.
              - Passage rates on the 4th-grade retest ranged from 84.3 percent in social studies to 55.7 percent in language arts.
              - Passage rates on the 7th-grade retest ranged from 85.5 percent in science to 56.6 percent in language arts.
              - Five 5th-grade students took the retest in July. Two did not pass and are eligible for a transition program.
              - Four 8th-grade students were retested in July and all passed.
              • The number of students eligible for the transition program is less than what was predicted based on the 1999 Gateway pilot results.

                GCPS Honored for "Excellence in Financial Reporting"
                The Association of School Business Officials (ASBO) awarded the Gwinnett County Board of Education's FY99 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) with a "Certificate of Excellence." The award is only conferred to school systems that have met or exceeded the high standards of financial reporting designated by ASBO. This prestigious national award is recognized by accounting professionals; underwriters; securities analysts; bond rating agencies; state and federal agencies; and education, teacher, and citizen groups. This is the 13th year that GCPS has received this award. The CAFR is prepared by the school system's Office of Budgets and the production is coordinated by Denise Moon, senior accountant. Chief Financial Officer Jeff Weiler and Director of Budgets and Accounting Theresa McDugald recognized the following staff members from the Office of Budgets: Ms. Moon, Dan Smith, Bruce Taylor, Phyllis Cooper, Lawanda Hankins, and Donna Redfern.

                Board Approves Leadership Appointments
                  Christine Dailey
                  Alton C. Crews MS
                  Assistant Principal
                  Mary Beth Byerly
                  Gwinnett Technical College
                  Director of Resource Development
                  Mary Thomas
                  Nesbit ES
                  Assistant Principal
                  Lavern Watkins
                  Norcross ES
                  Assistant Principal
                  Teia Hasan
                  Norcross HS
                  Administrative Assistant
                  Dorothea Alden
                  Summerour MS
                  Assistant Principal
                  Joy Davis
                  Summerour MS
                  Assistant Principal
                  Kenney Wells
                  Summerour MS
                  Administrative Assistant
                  Cynthia Predmore
                  Trickum MS
                  Assistant Principal (half-time)

                Brookwood HS to Receive Loan from Walton EMC
                The Board voted to accept a $60,000 interest-free loan from Walton EMC on behalf of Brookwood HS. The money, which will go toward lighting for the Brookwood HS stadium, will be repaid by the booster club.

                Board Approves Updated Policy BDC, Policy Adoption
                The Board of Education approved changes to Policy BDC, Policy Adoption. The revised policy, which was tabled at the July Board meeting, reflects the Board's current practice in adopting or revising Board policy.