GCPS Board Meeting Summary for March 14, 2002

          The following are highlights of the March 14, 2002, meeting of the Gwinnett County Board of Education.
          The official minutes of the meeting will be approved by the Board at its next monthly meeting.

          School Board Tables Revisions to School System's Strategic Goals
          The Gwinnett County Board of Education tabled proposed revisions to the school system's Strategic Goals until its April meeting. In 1996, 10 Strategic Goals were adopted by the School Board to guide the school system's work over the next five-to-seven years. The goals served Gwinnett County Public Schools well in moving toward its vision and mission. Superintendent Alvin Wilbanks has led the process to update the Strategic Goals, working with others to craft revisions that will serve the school system for the next five-to-seven years. The following criteria were used in drafting the proposed new goals:
          - They must capture and communicate the school system's direction, which is not changing.
          - They must connect to the work of every employee in the school system, whether they work in an instructional division or an operational support division.
          - And, they must clearly align with the school system's vision and mission.
          The seven proposed goals have been presented for input to various audiences within the school system and the community. Favorable reactions to the revisions have been received from all groups. The revised Strategic Goals (listed below) will be the focus of presentations at various meetings this spring, most notably, the Area Board Meetings that will be held in April.
          Gwinnett County Public Schools' Strategic Goals-- Proposed Revisions
          (Tabled by Gwinnett County Board of Education on 3/14/02)
          Goal 1: Gwinnett County Public Schools will ensure a world-class education for all students by focusing on teaching and learning the Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) curriculum.
          Goal 2: Gwinnett County Public Schools will ensure a safe, secure, and orderly environment for all.
          Goal 3: Gwinnett County Public Schools will optimize student achievement through responsible stewardship of its financial resources and the proactive pursuit of all resources necessary to meet current and future demands.
          Goal 4: Gwinnett County Public Schools will recruit, employ, develop, and retain a workforce that achieves the mission and goals of the organization.
          Goal 5: Gwinnett County Public Schools will meet the continuing and changing demand for essential information through technological systems and processes that support effective performance and desired results.
          Goal 6: Gwinnett County Public Schools will provide and manage the system's facilities and operations in an exemplary manner as determined by programmatic needs and best management practices.
          Goal 7: Gwinnett County Public Schools will apply continuous quality improvement strategies and principles as the way the organization does business.

          Board Recognizes Award-Winning Efforts of Schools, Students, and Staff
          The Gwinnett County Board of Education recognized the following at its March meeting:
          -- Board members saluted Craig Elementary, led by Principal Dan Hicks, and J.P. McConnell Middle, led by Principal John Campbell, for earning the title "2002 Georgia Schools of Excellence." The School of Excellence recognition focuses on several vital areas: student focus and support; school organization and culture; challenging standards and curriculum; active teaching and learning; professional community; leadership and educational vitality; school, family, and community partnerships; and indicators of success. Schools participating in the voluntary evaluation process fill out an extensive application. As state winners the two schools will be considered for national honors as National Schools of Excellence/Blue Ribbon schools. Gwinnett County Public Schools has 13 National Schools of Excellence/Blue Ribbon Schools and 37 Georgia Schools of Excellence.
          -- Brookwood HS Girls' Swim Team was congratulated on its AAAAA state championship season. Principal Jane Stegall introduced Head Coach Greg Puckett and Assistant Coach Cindy Schairer. On the way to winning this honor, their second consecutive state championship, many of the individual team members set a number of records.
          -- Also earning the AAAAA state championship title was the Parkview HS Boys' Swim Team. Coach Rick Creed has led his team to the state championship title five times in the last eight years. In honoring the team for its third consecutive championship season, Assistant Principal Allison Dalton pointed out that many of the student athletes on the team hold local, state, and national records.
          -- The Gwinnett County Board of Education also honored Shiloh HS' Competitive Cheerleading Team on its recent AAAAA state championship. Principal Jim Kahrs introduced coaches Molly and Rob Spencer and thanked them for the work they do. The coaches commended the student athletes for their hard work both at practice and in the classroom.
          -- Board members and Brookwood HS Principal Jane Stegall commended Michael Coulter, Brookwood HS soccer coach, for being named "Coach of the Year" by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America. Mr. Coulter thanked the administration of Brookwood High, the parents who have supported the school's program, and others who have supported him and enabled him to earn this honor.
          -- Shiloh HS Athletic Director and Head Soccer Coach Bill Holleman was recognized for winning the National Soccer Coaches Association of America's Honor Award. This is only the fifth time a high school coach has received this prestigious award. In addition to his many other achievements, Mr. Holleman has been selected for inclusion in both North Carolina's and Georgia's Soccer Hall of Fame.
          -- The School Board honored this year's AAAAA state wrestling champions-- the Collins Hill HS Wrestling Team. Assistant Principal Joel Manis congratulated Head Coach Cliff Ramos, Assistant Coach Jim Tiller, and wrestling team members on their accomplishment. This is the first state wrestling championship earned by a Gwinnett County team.

          Superintendent Provides Information on Federal Education Legislation
          Superintendent Alvin Wilbanks provided School Board members with information on the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, which was signed into law earlier this year. The legislation seeks to revise and consolidate a number of federal programs, in a way that may benefit local school systems. Mr. Wilbanks stated that he feels this is a good piece of legislation that does speak to some of the challenges public education faces.

          Board of Education Reviews Spring Assessment Schedule
          Kathy Pourchier of the Assessment Office provided School Board members an overview of the spring testing schedule. The schedule is attached below. Gwinnett County Public Schools integrates national, state, and local assessments to measure student progress in learning the school system's curriculum.
          Board spring Gwinnett Co K-12 Testing Dates 2001-2002.doc

          Board Continues Review of Policies
          School Board members approved changes to the following policies which had been tabled at last month's meeting.
          Policy CB - Closings Due to Weather/Emergency-- This new policy was created under Section C “General School Administration” and includes information previously contained in Policy AFC Emergency Closings under Section A “School District Organization.”
          Policy DJA - Authorized Signatures-- This new policy was created to comply with current practice.
          Changes to the following policies were made to comply with current practice, reflect the compilation of two or more existing policies, and in some cases to reflect changes in state law:
          Policy DA - Fiscal Management Goals, Policy DC - Annual Operating Budget, Policy DCI - Budget Amendment, Policy DFD - Bond/SPLOST Elections (This policy includes information previously contained in Policy FFA--Bond Sales.), Policy DFE - Revenues Short Term Notes-, Policy DFL - Investment Policy, Policy DFN - Property & Textbook Control, Policy DI - Accounting and Reporting, Policy DID - Internal Audit Policy, Policy DK - Local School Activity Funds - Restricted Funds, Policy DJD - Expense Reimbursement, Policy JBA - Eligibility for Enrollment
          The following policies were rescinded:
          Policy AFC-- Emergency Closings-- The information is contained in the new policy CB entitled Closings Due to Weather/Emergency.
          Policy DJEE - Local Purchasing-- The Department of School Nutrition Programs ensures that GCPS is in compliance with state and federal laws.
          Policy FFA - Bond Sales--The information is contained in Policy DFD, Bond/SPLOST Elections.
          Policy JBA - Compulsory Attendance Age-- The information is contained in the Policy JBA entitled Eligibility for Enrollment.
          Policy JBB - Attendance Eligibility-- The information is contained in Policy JBA entitled Eligibility for Enrollment.
          Policy JBC - School Admissions-- The information is contained in Policy JBA entitled Eligibility for Enrollment.
          In addition, the following policy changes were tabled until the April meeting to allow for public input:
          Policy JGJ - Crisis Intervention Plan/Required Drills-- Staff is recommending proposed changes to this policy to comply with current practice and to include information previously contained in policies EBB (Emergency Preparedness), EBBC (Emergency Drills), and JGFA (Emergency Drills). Staff is also recommending that policies EBB, EBBC, and JGFA be rescinded.
          Policy EE - Food Services Management-- Staff is recommending proposed changes to this policy to comply with current practice.
          Policy EGAC - Employee Benefits-- Staff is recommending proposed changes to this policy to comply with current practice and to change the name from “Health Insurance, Employee” to“Employee Benefits.”

          Citizens Address the Board of Education
          The following citizens addressed the Board:
          - Gail Leddy of the Professional Association of Georgia Educators and Tim Mullen of Richards MS

          The School Board approved the following appointments at its meeting on March 14, 2002.

          Name- Current Position
          Tina Parker- Administrative Assistant, Sweetwater MSAssistant Principal, Hull MS
          Kelli McCain- Teacher, Stripling ESAssistant Principal, Magill ES
          Laura West- Administrative Assistant, Meadowcreek ESAssistant Principal, Meadowcreek ES
          Mary Barbee- Media Specialist, Lanier MSCoordinator of Media and Information Services
          Michael Quast- Consultant, Pricewaterhouse CooperCoordinator of Data Assessment

          The following leadership transfers were presented to the Board of Education members for their information:
          • Donna Ledford, an assistant principal at Beaver Ridge ES, will transfer to an assistant principal post at Craig ES.