Author in You - Terry Kay Classroom Activities

Activities for Terry Kay
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(LA09_E2005-28) (LA10_E2005-33) (LA11_E2005-34) (LA12_E2005-30) prewrite, draft, revise and edit writing to improve fluency, content, organization and style (writing process)

(LA09_E2005-29) (LA10_E2005-34) (LA11_E2005-35) (LA12_E2005-31) produce writing (including multi-paragraph, narrative, expository and persuasive with the focus on technical) that establishes an organizational structure appropriate to purpose, audience, content and type of composition

In the interview, Kay explained a process he used to become a better writer. The process he was talking about was copying word-for-word someone else’s story.
1. Select an excellent example of an author’s writing that illustrates narrative, expository, etc.
2. Have them copy this writing word-for-word.
3. When finished, have the student work through the writing process of their story.
4. When they get to the revision of their piece, have them copy the piece as Kay suggested. While revising the story, mark out the overused word “that” as part of revision.